10 Facts About Apple Which You Didn’t Know


Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower – Steve Jobs

Apple has achieved a position in the history of world business where so many young entrepreneurs look up to this trillion-dollar company in terms of everything and anything from its culture to the purpose-driven clarity with which it brings out its products. 

From Apple II of the 1970s to the iPhone 11 of 2019, each and every product of Apple is well thought out and offers creative end to end solutions to its users.

Due to this, Apple Computers, being one of the largest companies on the planet has achieved so much just because of the sheer passion and dedication of the people who work at Apple.

And most importantly because of the vision of Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak – the co-founders of this giant conglomerate.

So, if you too like me look up to Steve Jobs as a visionary of his times, then let’s discover some interesting and crazy facts about Apple. 

1. And that is hard to digest. 


2. How many of you want that to happen?


3. All about patience. That is what life is!


4. And with this Apple proved that there are none to few like itself.


5. How would President Trump react to that?


6. Sacrifice one has to make for raising an Apple.


7. What can be said regarding this?


8. Health is also important. 


9. Death of Lisa?


10. That’s the thing about movies.


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