10 Important Rules To Follow In Your 20s


For many of us the time in our 20s is the time of revelry, fun, enjoyment, and excitement, isn’t it so?

If you are a guy who is 35, 40 or maybe older, you will see that the kids who are in their first half of the 20s or even in the second half don’t exactly care much about serious things in life like time management, career and other important stuff like that.

Surely, they do that but not in a manner which we can say is completely synchronized with their life which is kind of okay because we have got plenty of time to figure out things in life later on as well.

If we don’t die a premature death!

Okay, no one’s dying. Chill out.

The point which I want to make from my perspective is that 20s is the timeframe of one’s life in which people are more relaxed and easygoing. At least, most of the kids except a few exceptions.

So, if you want to balance out the fun and hard-work part while in your 20s then these 10 rules might just help you in doing so.

1. Being Kind


It is kind of important for you to be more inclined towards being kind and having less attitude, ego and less chaos in your lives.

And every kid wants that? Isn’t it so?

Leave kids, even adults want that.

Always remember that being kind is a virtue and it will be helping you a lot in your life.


Just to offer you some insights, the benefits of being kind include less stress, less anxiety and more of cheerfulness and youthfulness.

I think these are plenty of good reasons for you to be a little more kind the next time you are thinking about passing a rude comment to someone.

2. Think


It is always important to think before you take any step in life whether be it important major decisions or even little choice which life throws at you ranging from which college to choose from to choose your friends with whom you are hanging out with.

The point here is of contemplation which is quite important if you want to achieve success in your life.

3. Don’t Expect Anything


Always remember that in the long run humans have the tendency to disappoint each other. And the same goes for you and others. That means at some point it may happen that you are the reason for making someone else unhappy and sometimes other people will hurt you too.

You cannot expect life to be fair.

So, don’t expect.

4. Admire People But Not Follow Them Blindly


When you are in your 20s, you are at an impressionable age. And taking that into account, it becomes quite necessary for you to admire certain kind of people.

For example, having people like Swami Vivekananda, Nelson Mandela and Mother Teresa as your role models is very appreciable rather than some megastar who has to go to jail or who is involved in drugs.

No doubt, it is one of the important rules to live life.

5. Fun


It is equally important to have some fun and there is no problem in that at all when you are balancing out your life in a considerably efficient way.

6. Find Completeness


When you are in your 20’s things can sometimes get chaotic and that is the reason why rather than the material aspect of life you should first try and understand the very nature of life and learn to be at peace with whatever is happening around you.

7. Consistency


No one becomes a billionaire in a nick of time. No one. Everyone has got their own journey and stories. However, behind everyone and anyone’s success the one thing which you will find common is consistency.

So, try and be consistent in whatever you are doing.

8. Let Go


It is quite difficult to do so. And I don’t need to tell you that. However, if you can do this then you would have mastered a great skill in life.

9. Take Challenges


While you are in your 20’s you have got a fair amount of time to experiment with your work and see what fits into your shoes.

And accordingly with a calculated amount of risk you can choose the best option as per your observation.

10. Build Skills


Build skills. Yes, the more you do that the better for you and your future. Period.


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