10 Interesting Facts To Know About Google


No one can deny the world status which has been achieved by Google as an entrepreneurial venture and the very fact that how it has made our lives so easy and really convenient.

But how does it do it? Maybe these crazy, fun and interesting facts about Google might just throw some light on it.

Here we go…

#1. Google owns about 200 companies! 


#2. Then and there a milestone was created in history. So when did SEO come into play?


#3. And it uses about 1 million computers to perform this feat.


#4. Amazing isn’t it?


#5. What would you say to that?


#6. It seems that this is the reason that why more and more employees want to work at Google.


#7. You need to come with us, sir. Another interesting fact about Google.


#8. Now, this is a kind of company everyone would want to work for.


#9. And we won’t forget it. No doubt, an interesting fact about Google.


#10. Now, how many people have got access to that kind of stuff?


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  1. After Reading whole article, i just know some good facts regarding of Google. I always thinks that i know everything about Google but now know that some facts i missing.
    Thanks a lot for sharing this article. It definitely helps me and more peoples like me to get some good information regarding Google.

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