10 Interesting Thoughts About Life & Happiness


Life is an interesting mix of several layers of thoughts, emotions, feelings and everything in between. 

Sometimes, you wonder why everything is happening, the way it is happening?

Sometimes, you find yourself a bit directionless, and there are moments while you feel like a success, isn’t it so?

At times, a wave of thoughts hit you from every direction possible making you think, contemplate and many times let go of the situation.

Perhaps, that is how human beings function – in their own crazy ways and unpredictable attitudes.

Keeping that in mind, I have compiled a few interesting thoughts about life and happiness.

Hope you would like them. 

#1. Which one would you choose?


#2. Time.Honesty.Loyalty. Hard to find these days isn’t it so?


#3. Living life with the flow…or…? 


#4. It would definitely. For real.


#5. Can they be addicting? Well, ask them who have gone through it folks.


#6. Good advice but sometimes sh*^ happens. 


#7. Letting go. Goodbyes. Regrets.


#8. Snakes. That’s the thing about them and they are incredibly good at it so much so that none can beat them.


#9. Few chunks of twisted wisdom. No doubt, an interesting thought about life and happiness


#10. Well, it’s just a thought.


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  1. Certainly in a dilemma,not satisfied with what I have, I work hard to get more. And I loathe once see what the rubbish things I collected. Either way I remain discontent.

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