10 Practical Tips To Overcome Negative Thinking

10-Practical-Tips To-Overcome-Negative-Thinking

“By thinking one positive thought it is actually possible to trick your mind into being a more of a happier person.”

Let me start out by telling you an interesting story.

So it goes like this. Once, there was a man who was quite positive about life and every aspect of it.

And every time something bad happened to someone known to him he would always try and cheer them up by saying “It could have been worse”

So, one day it so happened, that one of his friends told him about a bad dream from yesterday night. He said “I would like to share this with you. I had a very bad dream last night. In it, some hell-mongers came and dragged me away into hell. There they tortured me and then started boiling me in the hot oil. I was so scared that I got up scared and all sweaty.”

Then, as usual, our guy replied oh man but it could have been worse.

His friend on hearing this remark was somewhat offended and told him in a sarcastic way. How do you think it could have been worse? They were boiling me in the oil. What could have been worse than this?

Well, our guy said, it could have been true.

So, this is how our mind is. It is true that our mind works in a more negative way than in the positive on a general basis.

But the significant question which arises is this: How to stop or overcome negative thinking? Well, these points might just help you if not fully then at least in a partial way perhaps.

#1.  Being Aware Of The Stimulation


Yes, it is quite important that you are aware of the trigger which pushes you towards the path of negative thinking and if possible then making a distance with that.

For example, it can be a colleague at work who regularly comes late to office or any other relative who might trigger something negative by taunting or using sarcasm. The key here is to know the person or the thing which is causing you trouble and try to avoid it.

Or if you can’t avoid it which sometimes you practically can’t then

#2. Knowing The Situation & Reasons


Let’s just take the above-mentioned example which was that someone from your relative side taunts you or makes jokes about you behind your back which you eventually get to know from someone else.

However, it is equally important to know the reasons for their attitude. In that case, the best practical solution to avoid negativity (irrespective of the fact that how hard it would be) would be to sit with that person and do dialogue and explain your sentiments to them and try and get their point of view.

#3.  Write Things Down


Yes, that would be amazing.  And it is when you write things down you also create a sort of pattern for yourself to deal with things and somehow (maybe owing to the functional capacities of our brain) it helps us in coping with the problems.

So, in that aspect writing things down can be a really beneficial factor in overcoming negativity.

#4. Try & Choose Your Thoughts


Choosing your thoughts is phenomenally difficult. To be quite frank and I don’t even need to tell you that. You already know the answer to that with experience.

However, by carefully observing your own thinking pattern and seeing that how do you react to any given situation you may benefit yourself somewhat and overcome negativity in life.

#5. Practising Positive Thinking


It won’t come on its own. You will have to take the effort to consciously practice it and apply it in your own thinking pattern.

And repeating this pattern you develop a sort of kinder way to converse with yourself and that somewhat reduces negativity in your life.

#6. Understand Your Thinking


Listen to your own thoughts. I know that it may sound weird but it is the art of contemplating and challenging your own beliefs time and again that helps you overcome negative thoughts in life.

#7. Cut Negative People From Your Life


If possible then there is no harm in taking this step and completely cutting off negative people from your life or if it is not completely possible then you can surely distance yourself from them.

#8. Stop Comparing Yourself From Others


It is quite tough to stop comparing yourself with others. Always remember that you are quite unique in yourself and there is nobody like you.

And if you are not superior to anybody then you are also not inferior to anyone as well.

#9. Don’t Gossip About Anyone


It is one of the most general factors which results in a lot of negativity in life. For leading a good quality of life without any kind of negativity it is a must that you don’t gossip or bitch about anyone. By doing that you increase the chances and give others the chance as well to talk about you behind your back!

#10. A New Hobby


Always remember that like attracts like and by building a new creative hobby you may attract innovation and creativity in your life thus overcoming negativity.



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