10 Practically Cruel Life Lessons You Learn With Time (Mostly Before You Are 30)

April 13, 2018

Life isn’t always simple and straightforward.

Do you believe that? Maybe yes or maybe no!

The point is what you have experienced in life or experience in life, forms the fundamental thread of your thinking pattern and intellectual integration.

And it is the adducing effect of this very scalability that you get to know as you grow older and as you age. And well before you are thirty you can relate to these practical lessons which life teaches you.

Which are…

#1. People Will Betray You


Yes, at least in your own thought process and your individual perspective they will.

And guess what?

When the time comes you will do the same to them or to others owing to your own personal benefit.

That is how human nature works and sometimes it is for the best or the worst depending on the situation.

#2. All Friends Aren’t True Friends


Yeah, and the sooner you realize the better.

You will see that people will come and go in your life and you in theirs.

It is like a joyride or a fair where people catch up and do something worthwhile for a certain amount of time and then, they part ways sometimes cordially or sometimes with hatred in their hearts.

That’s the part which keeps on rotating all the way long.

#3.  People Are Working For Themselves  (Not For You)


By this, what I mean to convey is the fact that people, in general, are not going to give you the respect or the financial support until and unless you are of some importance and value to them and their work.

If you are not then they or just about anyone won’t give a damn. And neither you would for others.

#4. What Do You Work For?        


Having a purpose in life is of great and scalable significance.

Let’s just say if you think creatively then, you must dedicate your whole life to creativity, and doing something enough practical using your creative faculty of the mind through which you can make your living.

And if not then you will simply hate your job.

#5. Money Is Everything (For Most Of The People)


If it wasn’t then you won’t be seeing all the hustle in the world.

From the terrorists to the street vendor, just about everyone is (some way or the other) working for money and it covers (if not whole) a great aspect of their lives.

#6. People Are Fake


They smile up front but are not necessarily that good at your back. And that is just normal and okay. However, just be prepared to deal with these kinds of people.

#7. Struggle


The struggle will come at some point or the other and it will hit you and will fuse with a certain aspect of your life. And you simply can’t do much about it.

However, there are certain things like reading good books, watching inspirational videos and doing meditation which can help you get over the stress of it.

#8. Never Trust Anyone (Completely)


Yeah, as you grow older, you get wiser owing to all the failures, betrayals and the bad things which have happened to you and sometimes they necessarily aren’t there to rip you apart.

Sometimes they benefit as well.

#9. World Is Full Of Bad & Some Good People


There is no denying the fact that while growing up you will come across a lot of bad and some good people.

And it is the experience of meeting with these kinds of people that you grow wiser.

#10. In The End, Everything Falls Into Place


I am not saying that at the end of your life you will come out as a millionaire or some famous and filthy rich entrepreneur but yeah, in the end, things do fall into place and it is the journey which teaches you a lot and makes you into a finer piece of walking and throbbing consciousness.


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