10 Reasons Why Daily Meditation Is Good For Health?


Would you like to live a life of absolutely zero stress? A kind of life which promises calmness, peace of mind and happiness!

Who wouldn’t?

And as Swami Vivekananda has said,
Meditation can turn fools into sages but unfortunately fools never meditate.
Well, regular meditation can promise you that (the turning into sages thing). And you know what, when it comes to things like lifestyle or health care; people tend to think that going to a gym and doing all sorts of exercises is perhaps the only way.
Yes, going to the gym and exercising is undoubtedly a good way to maintain your well being but when it comes to inner-well-being there is nothing better than doing meditation on a daily basis.


What Is Meditation?

You can say that just like our body needs exercise, our mind needs meditation. Now the real question is that why you should be doing it?

Here are the 10 best reasons for doing meditation daily.

1. Meditation Helps You Live A Less Stressed Life


Ever heard of cortisol? It is the hormone which is responsible for stress and doing regular meditation can help you reduce it on a significant level.

Furthermore, there is no need to explain that stress is one of the major factors in causing illnesses like depression, anxiety, headaches, obesity, diabetes, and many other diseases.

So, if you want less stress, no illnesses and more happiness than meditation is a great way of achieving that state.

2. Meditation Helps In Slowing Down Ageing Process


Now, what more can you want? For all those people who want healthy skin and want to look younger than their actual age, it is quite a great motivator to meditate daily.

3. Daily Meditation Helps In Improving Memory


It has been seen in researches that when you participate in such kind of activity then it helps you in improving your memory and sharpens your mind hilariously increasing your productivity levels.

And being more productive means that you can generate new ideas and you become innovative which is good for your work or business.

4. Doing Meditation Daily Increases Creativity


If you meditate daily or are meditating for some time now then, you would have noticed that your creativity levels have increased quite considerably.

And this is one of the most significant health benefits of doing meditation; that it raises your creative faculties and when you apply that in your daily life or even work then it becomes quite smooth as compared to before.

5. Helps You In Being More Grounded & Being Content


If you have been doing meditation for quite some time now then you would know that it makes you more humble and increases your perspective.

And not just that, it also helps you in being more content with life and is a somewhat constant source of inspiration which helps you in living a good and balanced life.

With this, we can say that it is one of the most amazing benefits of practicing & doing meditation.

6. Meditation Helps In Insomnia


You Wouldn’t Mind Sleeping Like A Child?

For those who perhaps don’t know about insomnia then, it is fundamentally the inability to sleep. And if you do meditation practices on a regular basis then you can cure yourself of this situation.

You can say that meditation helps you in clearing your mind from all the garbage and helps you relax owing to which you get to sleep a good sleep.

7. Helps You Clutter Out All The Negative Emotions


If you think too much and feel that most of the time you are thinking negative things then meditation is a sort of remedy for you.

Yes, it can help you defragment all the negative emotions from your mind and can induce good creative thoughts which helps you in leading a life of harmony and peace.

8. Meditation Helps You Connect Better With Life & People


As you meditate deeply then you realize that your hold on life and people is getting better irrespective of the chaotic external situations.

By this what I mean is that your expectations from other people somewhat die down if not completely then at least quite a considerable notches and precisely this point helps you focus on your thing and helps you in achieving your ambitions.

9.  Meditation Helps You Accepting Things


Slowly and steadily over time, you get a strong hold over your thinking and mind with meditation and it helps you see things as they are in total clarity.

It somewhat raises and enhances the bar of your perception in every context possible.

10. Doing Meditation Is Good For Concentration


The practice of indulging in meditation is outright amazing if you are looking for an opportunity to enhance your concentration and focus. Thus, with an increased focus and concentration levels you can increase your productivity phenomenally.

So, if you don’t do mediation maybe there is no harm in trying it. And if you like it then you can continue and if you don’t then you don’t. 🙂


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