10 Sarcastic Quotes That Are Full Of Humour & Fun

Disclaimer: For Humour Purposes

The use of Sarcasm is the ability of a person to insult someone or anyone without them realizing it. How someone uses his sarcasm capability or doesn’t is up to his/her mindset or his/her self-control because at the end of the day it does more harm than good and must be avoided if you want to build good relations with someone but if you don’t then perhaps these 10 sarcastic quotes or you can say one-liners might just help you to burn your opponents down to ash!

Happy Sarcasm! 

#1. Yeah, that’s quite true actually! 


#2. Is your name Google? Or does it starts with the letter G?


#3. It’s all about taste


#4. Actually, it is more than 5!


#5. And you love them, right?


#6. Yaay…someone gets to live more…


#7. Pretty Infectious! No one’s got to be that much infectious, it is bad for health!


#8. Does someone in your life need to wear the best clothes they have got! For tomorrow?


#9. Got nothing for this! Honestly…


#10. Will the fall be enough to kill someone? 


Hope it entertained you a little. 🙂


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  1. Hey there ! Nice article , I must say you have a good sarcasm level , nice post and worth spreading.

  2. its really nice sarcastic quotes, full of fun & amazing thanks for sharing .

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