10 Unbelievable Health Benefits of Drinking Water In a Copper Vessel


Ayurveda has been the source of our very roots in India since ancient times.

If it wasn’t for Ayurveda and it’s masters like Maharishi Patanjali and many other seers and sages, we wouldn’t be benefitting from all the little cruxes of this vast science.

And one small little secret of this vast ancient science tells us that there are many health benefits of drinking water in a copper vessel. Yes, if you drink water from a copper vessel then, it can do wonders for your health.

And if you might be wondering then, no, there is not a single disadvantage of drinking water from a copper vessel.

Why is Drinking Water from a Copper Vessel Good for Your Well-Being?

Water kept in a copper vessel for a certain amount of time (normally 8 hours) has the ability to balance all the three doshas in human body. These three doshas are – vata, kapha and pitta.

And it does so by positively charging the water.

It is believed that the water, when stored in a copper vessel gets charged positively. This charged water is also known by the name of ‘Tamara Jal’

So, let’s us know what are key health benefits of drinking water in a copper vessel?

1. Drinking Water In Copper Vessel Kills Bacteria


It has been found that copper has the ability to kill bacteria and as a result improves our health.

It is especially powerful against the breeds of bacteria like S.aureus, and E.coli which can cause innumerable health issues like diarrhea and vomiting and many other diseases. Thus, if you are looking for eco-friendly options to improve your health and nurthure your overall well-being, then, do consider drinking water in a copper vessel.

These days you can buy quality copper bottles and glasses online as well.

2. Drinking Water From Copper Vessel Is Good For Your Brain


It has been seen in many studies, that drinking water in a copper vessel if very good for your brain.


Our brain works by transmitting electrical impulses through innumerable neurons.

And drinking water from a vessel made out of copper metal is known to lubricate the flow of those impulses, thus, helping your brain work in quite a dynamic way.

And better brain and cognitive functioning means better clarity about life in general. And better clarity of mind means better opportunities. The more the opportunities, the better your chances of becoming a successful person.

Give me a better reason than this to not drink water from a copper vessel. I bet you cannot!

3. Drinking Water In Copper Vessel Is Good For Blood Pressure


Copper has the ability to regulate blood pressure and heart rate and also helps in maintaining cholesterol levels and triglyceride levels.

4. Drinking Water In Copper Vessel Is Good For Your Skin


Copper is very helpful for your skin. If you regularly drink water in a copper vessel, then it can help you in removing acne and blemishes from your skin entirely.

Not just that,drinking water from copper bottle or glass is also beneficial for your eyes and hair growth as well.

It is ALSO quite helpful in the production of new cells and their overall growth!

So, if you want fairer and clearer skin then going for ayurvedic remedies like this will prove far more beneficial for you than going for those cosmetics.

5. Drinking Water In Copper Vessel Controls Ageing


I bet many of you (especially womenfolk) were waiting for this, weren’t you, ladies?

Copper performs great against aging. It is actually a very strong anti-oxidant and is quite beneficial when it comes to fighting off skin problems and naturally, if your skin looks healthy and carries a certain glow, then you will appear quite young.

I bet you want that for yourself.

6. Drinking Water In Copper Vessel Helps In Weight Loss


This is quite good for the fatsos out there.

Yes, drinking water from a copper vessel can really help you in weight loss then what are you waiting for? Shouldn’t you be starting it from today itself?

7. Drinking Water From Copper Vessel Has Amazing Healing Properties


Drinking water from a copper vessel can really heal your wounds faster owing to its immense antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

And it doesn’t just stop there! Copper is also quite effective in strengthening your immune system. With all this, we can say that it is quite a great healing agent.

8. Drinking Water From Copper Vessel Fights Cancer


Yeah, you heard it right! Drinking water from a copper vessel can actually help you immensely in fighting off cancer.

So, it is highly advised to people to use copper in their day to day life.

9. Drinking Water In Copper Vessel Is Good For Thyroid Gland


Drinking water from a copper vessel is actually quite good and is simply awesome for people who are suffering from a thyroid problem. It is one of the most important minerals for the healthy functioning of thyroid gland.

10. Drinking Water In Copper Vessel is Good For Arthritis


Copper has got a great potential for healing and cutting arthritis relieving aches and pains which are caused due to inflamed joints.

Conclusion: In the end, I can say that today, people are busy fighting off many problems in their day to day activities and amidst all this, many overlook the most important component of their life which is good health.

This is something which must not happen and simple steps like these can greatly help us improve our way of living and help us fend better opportunities for ourselves. So, let’s make a promise to ourselves today. That we will only drink water in copper vessels.

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