10 Unconventionally Amazing Movies You Need To Watch This Weekend


When it comes to learn something new and get yourself entertained, what can be better than watching movies?

They not just offer you with great insights but also take you to unpredictable worlds of stories and characters.

And for those who love watching something new filled with the adrenaline rush, here is the list of top 10 movies to watch this weekend.

So, here it goes…

#1. Bright


With Bright, you enter the world of orcs, elves, humans and fairies which is served to you with sprinkles of the futuristic urban touch.

And if you love action, then, oh boy, you will love this one owing to the plethora of gunfights which are there in this movie.

It basically is a story of two cops, one human (played by Will Smith) and an orc (played by Joel Edgerton) and how because of the circumstances they land between the conflict of orc and elves community with the magic wand as the centre of attraction.

If you are a sci-fi fan then this one won’t disappoint you.

#2. The Hitman’s Bodyguard


Watch this flick if you are a lover of the action-comedy genre of movies. Some of the scenes in this movie are undeniably awesome. And especially Samuel L. Jackson’s performance will steal your heart away.

It basically is a story of a protection agent (James Bond, sort of) who has to protect one of the most highly infamous assassins from the bad guys and to do so they both need to put away their past differences aside and then how the story ensues is the thing you need to take pleasure out of.

And if you don’t mind hearing the word ‘motherfucker’ a hell lot of times, then you are going to definitely admire it.

#3. The Intern


This is one of those feel-good movies which you simply can’t resist.

Its story revolves around an old man who is now retired and feels somewhat bored with his routine life.

And when an opportunity comes knocking at his door, he simply can’t let it go and enters the corporate world once again; now as an intern.

From this point in the movie, a loving father-daughter like relation starts between him and the boss of the company and how he guides her to make the best out of her life is the thing to watch.

With this, I can say that you should add this one to your list of movies to watch this weekend.

If you want to see something light as well as insightful then this is the kind of movie which you mustn’t miss.

#4. Interstellar


This is quite an insightful movie which Christopher Nolan has portrayed in the most rational form in front of his audience.

The story takes place in future when our planet is becoming uninhabitable and to find a cure to this an ex-NASA pilot embarks on an incredible intergalactic journey of loss and love only to find that human emotions are what it takes to span all the distance in the world and be there for our loved ones.

If you love watching good cinema and the story does matter to you then, this one won’t disappoint you.

#5. Inception


Now, this is the kind of movie which will take a few moments of time so that you can imbibe completely what has happened in the movie.

If you would like to push your imaginary and intellectual faculties to the peak of understanding then this is the kind of stuff which you must not miss.

With this, you get to explore the world human dreams and consciousness.

The main character of this movie (Leonardo Di Caprio) is given the task of planting an idea in the mind of a CEO of a large organization followed by some really riveting special effects that takes you to a visually incredible journey on celluloid.

#6. Fury


Fury depicts warfare during World War 2 in the most persuasive manner.

It is a story of a tank commander played by Brad Pitt who along with his crew has to fight off the battle in a bloody terrain of Germany in the month of April 1945.

If you like to watch realistic cinema and want to know the struggles of World War 2 then you must definitely watch this one.

Indeed, it has been one of the most amazing movies till now when it comes to world war 2 stuff.

#7. Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children


This is a fantasy film and is full of adventures, thrill and amazing visual depiction.

It’s a story spanning two generations. And the fun starts when Jacob because of his grandfather discovers that he is a special child and to know more about the powers he needs to find the home (or you can say a school) for peculiars like him.

If you are a fan of watching fantasy films then you won’t be disappointed with this one as you get to see children flying, spitting bees out of their mouths, projecting their dreams through their eyes and creating life out of dead corpses.

It is a good movie to pick up for this weekend.

#8. Valerian & The City Of Thousand Planets


It offers a wild scope of science-fiction entertainment. Set in the backdrop of the 28th century it is a story of two task force cops like agents and how they protect the universe from a rising evil.

This movie takes you to a splendid ride of universe throwing in some intergalactic fun much similar to that of Star Wars stuff.

#9. The Shawshank Redemption


This is the kind of movie which is time-proof as no matter in what timeline you watch this; you will fall for it again and again.

It introduces you to the story of a banker who is sentenced to life imprisonment for murdering his wife and her lover.

And then in the prison, over the years how he befriends a smuggler and how their story unfolds eventually to his escape is the thing to watch and relish.

#10. Ready Player One


It is a science fiction movie and offers an unmatchable streak of an adventurous journey.

The story takes place in the year 2045 when practically everyone is using a virtual reality software to escape the hard-hitting realities of the intellectual world.

It is the story of an orphan boy who discovers that the program oasis can be completely owned and can change his life for the good but has to race against a giant conglomerate to do so because if it acquires it first, no one could imagine what would the future be like (in a really bad way).

So, that was all. Hope these movies will make your weekend worth it in terms of all things fun and interesting.


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