10 Weird Festivals Around The World You Should Know About


Traveling across the globe and touring some of the most popular destinations can be a very mindful and enchanting experience for anyone.

However, travel is not always about visiting the must-see tourist spots or visiting glorious travel getaways like the Eiffel Tower, The Taj Mahal or some insanely popular museum in France.

Travel is something which lets you break-free.

It is something which you explore and dive into. It can be an unforgivingly mesmerizing experience altogether; to get to know a place like a person- at its full potential, about its culture and its festivals.

And these 10 unique and weird festivals will make you think about the vastness of our world in which we live and the extreme distortions as well as extreme diversity which it depicts through festivals like these.

#1.  The Kumbh Mela


#2.  Monkey Buffet Festival


#3. La Tomatina


#4. Takanakuy


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#5. Jarramplas Festival


#6. Night Of The Radishes


#7. Hogmanay


#8. Day Of The Dead


#9. Busojaras


#10. Bolas De Fuego, “Balls Of Fire”


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