20 Effortless Tips For Living A Better & Happy Life


Do you want to live a life of happiness, health, and prosperity? Who doesn’t? But how many of us are able to live like that?

How many of us are able to thrive in that particular manner where we are content and satisfied with our lives and our relationships?

Just about everybody in today’s world is going through some sort of problem, anxieties or fears. Everyone has got some kind of circumstantial issues going on in their lives which they complain about, isn’t it so?

And owing to this huge heap of problems in our lives we are not able to live fully and feel the most craved for feelings for a human in general which are joy and happiness in our lives.

Thus, we will try and discuss some practical tips on living a better and happy life of contentment, happiness, and joy which might just help you in achieving your goal.

So, here it goes…

#1. Go On A Walk Every day


Just go out on a walk when the weather is cool and fine. Enjoying those walks alone or with someone you love or consider a friend can work as a therapy for you and them as well.

These kinds of walks may help you in reducing your stress levels and boosting your creativity and zeal for life. And above all, it is quite a great tip for living a better life.

#2. Sleeping For 7 Hours


Yeah, it is quite necessary when it comes to living a life of happiness, health, and prosperity.

Having a sound sleep session helps you in being more energetic, creative and innovative and the energy you get from it can be channelized into your work or just about any other aspect of your life.

#3. Read More Books


Reading is one of those amazing activities participating and getting indulged into which will offer you amazing prospects regarding philosophy, success, life, creativity, and innovation.

Practically you have got thousands of books on just about any and every topic which you might just want to learn and excel in.

So, why not just give a chance to reading?

And please see that books can be your ultimate companion not asking and demanding from you anything.

They are just there by your side whenever you need them.

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#4. Drink Plenty Of Water


Drinking plenty of water is just phenomenal for your skin and overall health system. So, why not just drink loads of water daily.

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#5. Meditation Is Good For Living A Better & Happy Life


Meditation is one of the most interestingly interactive activities which you can participate in for leading a life of genuineness and creativity.

It helps you calm down and takes away your anger transforming you into a completely different human being.

With the help of meditation you not just are able to cope with your emotions in a better way but also invite its countless health benefits.

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#6. Whatever The Situation Be, It Will Pass


Always remember that whatever you are going through right now in your life whether it is good or bad, it will pass for sure.

That is the thing about time which is phenomenal and somewhat negative as well in this regard.

#7. Stay In Touch With People


Stay in touch with your old school & college friends. Because in the end life is all about love, relations and a little bit of nostalgia and not business meetings and achieving sales closures and reports.

It is the sense of wonder and connecting with people that give us our fair share of contentment and balance in life, isn’t it so?

#8. Good Company


If you want to live a life of your dreams then it is absolutely necessary that you surround yourself with great people who push you and inspire you towards achieving your goals.

They are the kind of people who are full of positive vibes and want good for you in life. So, never let go if you come across any person of that sort. They are very precious.

It is one of the best tips for living a better life.

#9. Eat More Vegetables & Fruits


Want to live a life of your dreams? But for that, you will have to remain fit and healthy. So why not just start with a good diet and completely get rid of alcohol and other intoxicants.

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#10. Learn To Slow Down


Learn to slow down and see things with a different perspective in life. And whenever required (however that is not easy but) try to readjust, refocus on what you are doing.

That way you might be able to achieve what you want as sometimes not to work or doing a little less may offer you with the necessary mind space needed for seeing things clearly.

#11. Find Your Purpose


It is quite a great method for leading a life of absolute contentment irrespective of the amount of money you make through it.

Finding and having a purpose in your life whether it be business, or achieving some other thing in a different niche inspires you to live life to its fullest.

#12. Simplify Your Life


Simplify and de-clutter your life from all the fake friends and negative things which are putting you down from living the kind of life which you really want for yourself.

#13. Exercise Often


Exercising often increases the blood flow in your body and makes you energetic which you can channelize for working and achieving success in your life.

#14. Fall In Love (Maybe)


Having someone by your side is a great way of dealing with all the mental stress and anxieties in your life as they become a kind of support system for you which is sometimes very needed by you.

With all the support and love which someone can genuinely offer you, it becomes somewhat easy to tackle and deal with life situations.

#15. Enjoy Rain


Learn to enjoy rain (if you don’t). Walking and dancing in rain naturally decreases your stress levels and make you joyful and happy.

#16. Dream Big


Dreaming big is one of the essential traits of successful people who if not at that moment but definitely in the future have a bright chance of getting success in life.

#17. Start Small


Always start small in life. First, acquire the necessary skills for doing a specific thing and research about it if you can (however it is not always possible) and then start playing your game.

It is not easy but it will keep you busy for the good and the better.

#18. Save Often


Savings are very important in life. They prove to be your backbone when you are going through a rough patch in your life.

#19. Yoga


Yoga is the ultimate solution for bettering your life and achieving a certain sense of mindfulness which can help you do great in life.

#20. Learn To Say No


It is not always necessary that you say yes to your friends, colleagues or relatives for just about anything. Learn to be practical in life, be mindful and then take a decision.

No doubt, it is a great tip for living a better life.

Hope you would have liked it.



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