Five Growth Mindsets That Will Actually Help You Grow Your Life In Leaps And Bounds

July 26, 2020

Great Works Are Performed, Not By Strength, But By Perseverance – Samuel Johnson

Achieving a growth mindset in life is not easy at all.

There are several reasons why people aren’t able to cultivate such a mind space in their lives, NO MATTER, how hard they try!

To begin with, people generally resist change in terms of what they know and what they can learn from external sources, be it books, other people or even certain situations.

Apart from resisting change, they usually find the work they are doing completely boring, waste of time and even feel that it doesn’t bring any value to their lives; making them feel content and satisfied in their lives.

Somehow, many of us lack a sense of greater purpose in our lives. And somehow it is quite normal for us all to go through such situations time and again in life.

I have found myself in such twisted mind space several times in life till now and might continue to do so, despite the enormous motivational stuff that I might end up seeing on Youtube or any other such platform.

However, if we become persistent and do not give up, then we can turn the tide of our own habits, thoughts, and emotions and successfully take up to these 5 key growth mindsets which I am talking about!

To achieve these five growth mindsets, all you need to do is keep on repeating these phrases in your head every time you may feel sick, bored or feel like giving up.

Let’s dive in and see what I am trying to convey here…

#1. It’s all about putting the effort

#2. There will ALWAYS be a room for that little bit of improvement. Always…

#3. Mistakes are great teachers

#4. All you have to do is DO NOT GIVE UP JUST YET

#5. Never stop learning and that’s how you will end up developing a growth mindset

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