Anti-Inflammatory Foods for Healthy Mind & Body

April 1, 2019

Before diving into this topic, we would need to understand that what is inflammation?

By definition, inflammation means a specific physical condition under which parts of the body become red. They might also swell, get hot causing pain in that particular part of the body.

What inflammation does is that it specifically sends pain and an extra amount of blood flow to places in our body that it thinks are particularly injured and also needs helps.

However, inflammation can cause certain issues such as gain in your weight, chronic pain, digestive disorders etc.

More or less it is the cause of eating fried foods, excessive sugar along with artificial additives in our diet.

However, if you are regularly eating certain kinds of foods then this might prove to be really helpful for you.

Let’s discuss what kind of foods we are talking about here?

Pineapple is great for reducing inflammation


Pineapple fruit has got a powerful enzyme which is called bromelain in it. Now, this is something which has various health benefits.

Yes, there have been various studies conducted on this and it has been seen that this enzyme stops the blood platelets from specifically building up along with the blood vessels. This can even cause heart attacks along with strokes.

Moreover, bromelain which is found in Pineapple is also quite beneficial for digesting proteins so that it can absorb nutrients in a much better way.

Consume coconut oil for inflammation issues


The coconut oil helps you in absorbing the nutrients and fight against bacteria as well as parasites who are the cause of indigestion.

Furthermore, coconut oil with nizagara fights infection and erectile dysfunction (ED) and is also a good moisturizer which can be helpful in treating conditions like psoriasis and dermatitis.

And now, comes the interesting part.

You will be happy to know that it is also useful in weight loss if used the right way.

Garlic is an anti-inflammatory food


Garlic is definitely quite good when it comes to health improvement. One reason being that the crushed garlic has allicin in it. Moreover, it can treat everything ranging from ringworm to even staph infections.

How about that?

Eat more spinach


Eating more spinach will be helping you get better results when it comes to specifically treat anti-inflammation. Owing to the fact that spinach has all kinds of important and healthy vitamins such as vitamins E, C & K.

Spinach will help you radically reduce inflammatory markers in the blood helping them neutralize the free radicals. Now, this is very healthy for the immune system.

Increase healthy consumption of olive oil


Have you ever heard of good fat?

Yes, there is such a thing and is definitely present in extra virgin olive oil.

It has been seen that extra virgin olive oil has a special compound known as “oleocanthal”.

Now, this is something which the other food items don’t have. It is very helpful in joint inflammation along with cartilage damage as well.

That is, it might be high in fat. However, it is monounsaturated and particularly promotes weight loss. So, you don’t have to worry about getting overweight.

Eating more beetroot is very helpful


Disclaimer: Sometimes, people who eat beet for the first time can experience red or pinkish urine. Now that is very normal so if it is happening with you or has happened with you then it is quite normal.

The red pigment in beetroot which is known as “betalain” is helpful in inflammation.

Consume turmeric


The best source of turmeric which you will find anywhere across the globe is right in the plate which has got some really piping hot Indian food.

Not just this substance makes the dish tasty but is also very beneficial for a person’s health. Now what is responsible for turmeric’s yellow colour is a substance known as “curcumin”

Eat more dark chocolate. I can sense some happiness from you now


Now, I don’t think that you would be considering any other options after reading this one. Dark chocolate is quite good when it comes to helping out in anti-inflammation health issues.

Green tea is another good option for reducing anti-inflammation


Green tea is like a belly-flattening health miracle which has been in use for many centuries now. Moreover, this is specifically loaded with antioxidants.

There have been various studies which show that it can prevent the skin tumours and even slow cancer growth significantly lowering the risk of getting cancer. Furthermore, green tea stops the overall production of many pro-inflammatory substances.



Ginger acts as a great source of pain relief, especially if you have got arthritis along with any kind of gastrointestinal issue. There have been many scientific evidences which show that ginger blocks the enzymes in the body that are responsible for inflammation.

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