Avengers End Game Trailer Is Out & We Can’t Wait For Its Release

December 8, 2018

In Avengers Infinity War we had seen that how Thanos was able to successfully wipe universe’s half of the population with just the snap of his fingers and along with the snap, many of the Avengers also perished into dust.

Thus, the trailer of the Marvel’s Avengers End Game begins with the same dark note of loss and emotional wreckage which Thanos has left behind and is probably now busy doing farming on a wild off planet.

In the trailer, we can see Ironman leaving a last message for his fiancé Pepper Pots saying that when he drifts off he will be dreaming about her saying that…

“Part of the journey is the end”.

Don’t use such words Tony. It hurts our feelings.

We can also see Captain America crying and in another few scenes his voice echoing in the background saying…

“We lost. We lost friends. We lost
 family. We lost a part of ourselves”

We can also see Thor carrying an expression of a kind of frustration. BruceBanner doing some sort of research or something like that.

And another pondering question which the Avengers trailer left behind was that how did Scott Lang managed to get out from the Quantum Realm?

As he can be seen infront of the Avengers facility asking them through a CCTV camera to buzz him in.

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And we are also left with the questions or you can say curiosities that what about Loki?

Will he come back and what role will CaptainMarvel play in helping out Avengers to finally defeat Thanos? This only time will tell.

Overall the trailer of the Marvel’s Avengers End Game was as excepted and had all the elements of being ultimate and amazing.

However, we will have to wait till it’s release and see how do things finally come out and how many more Avengers will die and how many will get resurrected?

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