Business Copywriting Tips You Should Know About


Business copywriting is not the kind of writing we learnt in our schools or college times. It is something much more intense and interesting.


Because it involves real time business and money in it.

We all want to make more money and more profits, isn’t it?

And for that it is quite important to write a good copy when it comes to promote our business and sell our products and services.

There are times when we all come across some questions like…

“What does copywriting means?”

And “what role does copywriting plays in marketing?”

“What is the trick for good copywriting?”

These are some of the questions the answer of which we all want to know about?

Essentially business copywriting is all about the perfect method of curating and writing advertising and promotional content for your business.

All the content or the written words which you see on the brochures, billboards, websites and on T.V. are written by copywriters. And the main motive of which is to offer a catchy headline or text which leads to conversions for the particular business.

And perhaps that is the reason that copywriters are also known as “salesman in print.”


So, would you like to know that what is the secret sauce; that secret ingredient for excellent copywriting?

I bet you do, that is why you have come up this far in the post, isn’t it?

So, let’s just start and see what do we have got?

Understand the Primary Desire of Your Market

For being a good marketer, a good copywriter and even a salesman it is very important for you to understand that what does your audience or you can use the term “market” want?

What is it that they desire?


And this would be depending on the basis of what kind of products/product or services you are providing to them.

Do a good amount of research and brainstorming! Prepare a buyer’s persona and then act accordingly.

Make a Promise

If you want to learn good copywriting, then it is quite important to make a promise to your audience. A genuine one which you would be fulfilling for them if they purchase your products or services.

It is a good sign and builds a certain trust factor which you can exploit in a positive way.

Use Small Sentences

Use small and definite sentences while writing your copy whether it be for social media, search engine marketing or meta descriptions.

And always include your targeted keyword in it if you are writing meta descriptions or titles.

For other advertising stuff which is used for promotional and creative purposes always focus on the spotlight method.

Now what is spotlight method?


The Spotlight Method

In it’s essence it is all about the customer rather than you. Don’t use the “me” and the “ego” game here.

Don’t tell them how great you are when it comes to providing value services or amazing products.

Rather tell them how it would be benefitting them?

Make a story out of it if possible. Do something creative.

Take Idea from Reviews

And they must not be the fake ones.

There are just too many fake ones out there. Whether be testimonials or reviews.

If  possible, just see and observe the reviews of your own product or service by the genuine customers. You don’t have to use their language because they would not have used proper and efficient language which is required for good copywriting skills.

The art is to observe and just imbibe. Just extract whatever good you can in your own way.

Try and Make it something New


If possible then don’t just repeat yourself over and over again. Try and make something new and creative out of your copy. Try new methods. Use new ideas. Brainstorm.

This is what will make all the difference.

It is Important to Make Your Subject Newsy

When it comes to good copywriting then it is very important to give your subject a touch of being newsy and not noisy.


It should uncover something new, as said earlier and something interesting for your audience.

Sprinkle Creativity

With the best possible abilities that you have.


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