Can We Really Control Our Mind & Emotions?


Interesting question, isn’t it?

Is it really possible for us to control our mind and emotions in life?

ahhh… we really don’t know or do we?

Because both of these things are intricately interconnected with each other. And we as humans have an extremely vivid range of emotions going on within us.

And most of the times they are so powerful that they directly affect our decision and our very thought process in life. Hence, this ultimate question arises that can we really control our feelings and emotions? Can we control our mind?

Some say it is possible and offer many tricks, tips and methods to do so saying that it worked for them and hence it should also workfor you.

And all the motivational speakers who offer such behavioural patterns are really worth it and doable as well but there is an “if” attached to it. Always.


Because ultimately it is up to the person whether they imbibe those particular tips or methods into their life.

Isn’t it so?

Because if they don’t then it is all a waste.

So, is there any way to retain the tips and tricks which you get from such motivational speakers whether on the internet or in their personal seminars which could help you in controlling your mind and emotions?

Well, there are certain things which can and might help you in doing so but that would again be depending upon your own mental stamina.

Let’s discuss.

Regular Meditation Can Help You Control Your Mind And Emotions


Many people know this but rarely do they follow it with a certain commitment. When it comes to “How To Control My Mind & Emotions” part then meditation is one such process which can help you a lot and tremendously.

There are many health benefits of doing meditation which will be helping you in augmenting your overall growth in just about every aspect of your life.

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Observing Your Thoughts Can Help You Control Your Mind And Emotions


This is again related to following meditation regularly. However, it can be done without it as well. For that, whenever you are stimulated for the good or the bad from any external source then, in that case just try and observe your thoughts.

For example, if someone said something rude to you then just observing your thinking. Observe that how are you internally responding to that. Are your cussing that person or are your trying to understand their pointof view?

Or maybe you want to hit them. Or do something other than that.

Just observe.

Critical Thinking Can Help You Control Your Mind And Emotions


Just about everyone including you me try to figure out the answer to the question that can we really control our mind? Or our emotionsbecause the nature of the mind is like a monkey.

It is always jumping from one thought to the other and then to the next thing. And soon it becomes quite jumbled up all by itself.

It is just like turning of the calm layer of water into a storm.

Not Struggling Can Help You Control Your Mind And Emotions


Sometimes not struggling at all and just letting the things flow can really help you in figuring out things. Yes, you would agree to the fact that not at all times is it that things are in our control.

Isn’t it so? In fact, most of the times it is like that, even if we think that they are (in our control).

So, just stop struggling and let it go.


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