Do You Believe Vedic Astrology Is Real?


Vedic Astrology is one such science which has been debated in our country from a very long time. There are people who believe that Astrology does affect people in general.

However, for some, it is just “hocus-pocus” and a trick for pandits, sadhus and astrologers for minting money through illogical means.

Isn’t it so?

But what is the mystery behind this? And what is that we call planetary influences on people?

In our culture, we have been dealing with the branch of Astrology which is famously known as Vedic Astrology under which a person goes through planetary time periods which are also known as the “Mahadashas”.  And according to which gets results in his/her life.

If a Mahadasha is good then maybe you will make crores but if it isn’t then maybe you won’t. The point is that these planetary time periods control just about every aspect of your life ranging from wealth, health and even realtionships.


And that is where people don’t believe it to be real because how can a planet which is practically thousands of miles and kilometres away from us control such fine aspects of our lives?

Isn’t it so?

Generally, the Mahadashas are a prolonged period of time which spans years.

To give you a basic overview here are they –

Sun – 6 years

Moon – 10 years

Mars -7 years

Rahu – 18 years

Jupiter – 16 years 

Saturn – 19 years

Mercury – 17 years

Ketu – 7 years

Venus – 20 years

And under which there are sub-periods or dashas under which again there are again sub-sub-periods. And not just that while calculating a person’s horoscope a true astrologer seeks other factors as well.

To name a few they are –

  • If planet aspects another planet.

  • The degree of planets on your birth chart.

  • If a planet is retrograde or not.

  • Planetary conjunctions

  • The house and the zodiac sign in which a planet is placed.

  • So, you see that it just isn’t any hocus-pocus kind of thing. And these are just a few factors out of thousands. And along with this a person also has to be quite meditative and intuitive to make the correct astrological prediction.

Why do you think it was a Maharishi who gave us this science and not some drug addict of that times? Yes, it was Maharishi Parashar who is responsible for giving the human race with this amazing science.

Not just astrology other incredible things like ayurveda is also given to us by rishis like Maharishi Patanjali.

The Zodiac Signs

In Vedic Astrology there are 12 zodiac signs which are Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.

And in whatever zodiac sign your moon is placed, that is your Rashi.

But the real question is does it work?

Well, people who believe that it works will continue to do so and people who don’t believe in it will continue to do so.

However, yes, it does work.

What’s The Proof?

I can’t prove it but can give certain references to you. However, in these, you will find both the sides of the debate in an unbiased manner.

Here are they –


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