Essential Things To Know If You Are Chasing Your Dreams


Are you enough passionate to follow your dreams? If you are then you know that with it, comes all sorts of sacrifices and hard work and what not!

It is not a piece of cake to achieve in life what you want to achieve successfully and just in a single shot, isn’t it?

However, these simple things might just help you in forming the right perspective (or maybe a part of the whole perspective) for working towards your goals and dreams in life.

#1. Do You Have A Plan For Your Dream?


Do you? Well, if you don’t then too, it is ok and if you do have it and have planned things well in advance then it is great as well.

However, sometimes having a plan or not having constructed one won’t matter. Sometimes success and sometimes failure will creep in from the holes and corners which you might not have worked upon for the good or for the bad.

A great character once said in a great movie.

Okay, actually, it is from the Fight Club! 🙂

“It’s only after we have lost everything, that we are free to do anything”

So, with or without a plan it is quite important to follow your ambitions in life.

#2. Failure Is Nice


It is only when you fail at something that you are able to assemble everything back and give it another try.

Failure has a natural tendency to teach you that where you are going wrong and is a disguised opportunity to correct it.

It is just that sometimes we are able to correct it. Sometimes we don’t because we are anyway too fearful and doubtful to give it another try.

You and I as well need to understand that however greatly we don’t want to fail; there is no substitute for failure.

So, why not might as well learn from it? It will help you achieve your dreams.

#3. Working Hard


Well, that is the only thing which is completely in your hands.

You may have come across this kind of talk in all kinds of motivational videos and movies but stop and think practically that what can you anyway do in its place.

Go to a beach and relax? Or maybe go to a rave party?

The answer is a rational no.

Working, the process in itself is the only thing which is in your full control and what will go wrong or what might just click for you can’t be in your hands no matter what.

So, why not just try and do a little experiment and why not chase your passion in life?

#4. Respect Your Dream


If the people in your circle respect what you do and are with you mentally, emotionally and socially then you would experience a certain sense of pleasure in what you do as compared to if they are not.

So, it is necessary that you surround yourself with the kind of people who respect your thinking and the work that you do and you do the same for them.

#5. Your Roots (Watch them good)


By this, I mean that never ever forget who you were and where do you come from.

In the end, you can never be the single and the sole factor in your success. It was and is because of this society where you were born and the people around you that you learned new things and skills which contributed to your success.

Never forget that. In the bigger scheme of things, it is only “we” that works and not “I”


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