Every Thing You Need To About SEO


Are you interested in the coming future?

I bet you are! And there is no doubt that one of the main factors would be ‘‘being digital’’ in the coming years. Yeah, that is what it is going to be!

There is a whole lot of scope in this single word in monetary terms. AI would be the next big thing for our society!

For the worse or for the best, that we would get to know in the future itself!

However, coming back to the topic, being digital would be opening a great score of opportunities and it already has…

Up to quite a great extent.

All the jobs in the digital marketing sector are a result of that only! Yeah…

And one particular aspect which falls into this category is SEO and that’s what we are here to know about!

So, let’s get started and grow together! 🙂

1.What is SEO?

Its full form is Search Engine Optimization and it helps you to rank better on google or on the internet. And there are fundamentally innumerable aspects to this immense science like…

2.On- Page SEO

On-page SEO is the process and strategies which you follow within your website to boost its rankings! And for that, you need to upload…

3.Fresh Content

Yeah, that is the main thing. You need to do that in order to avail the benefits of this thing called SEO. And then there is also…

4.Off-Page SEO

This is the strategy which you would be needing to implement out of your website which would include things like…

5.Blog Commenting

Where you go on other people’s blog and comment on them to generate backlinks.

6.Writing Guest Posts

Is writing blogs for other websites which will also generate powerful links for your website.

To Sum Up, We Can Say SEO is doing…

7.Keyword Research for which you would be needing tools like

8.Keyword Finder & Google Keyword Finder

They are great SEO tools for knowing the right keywords for your targeted audience.

Then there are also aspects of SEO like

9.Social Media Optimization


Social media optimization is a great strategy for uploading content on social media platforms and optimizing your content feed and for getting…

10.Referral Traffic

Which is the amount of traffic which you get from facebook, twitter and LinkedIn and many other platforms.

11.On Page vs Off Page

As mentioned earlier, on page SEO is something which you do on your website. And off-page SEO is something which you do outside of your website!

Now the question which arises is that which form holds more weight? And the answer to that would be you should focus on making your on-page SEO more stronger which means doing regular health analysis of your website through google webmaster tools and uploading fresh and unique content which must add value in the lives of your readers and not for the sake of just uploading it. This is an important factor for SEO…

In the end, it does matter if you love what you do!


Making infographics is another form of doing off-page SEO. However, it can also become a part of on-page SEO if you upload it to your website directly. It would be your choice.

And an interesting thing to know about it is that SEO has got two paths! The Path of the pure and a darker and gruesome path! That’s spooky, isn’t it?

And with this, we come to…

13.Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO includes link farming, keyword stuffing.

14.White Hat SEO

Whereas white hat SEO includes uploading unique content, doing media promotions etc.

15. Know your competition

It is equally important to know your competition and do a regular check on your rival’s strategy and their working methods! It would give you a sense of competition which in turn would definitely boost you to perform much better.

Remember that it isn’t necessary that what worked for someone else might also work for you. Things aren’t like that! It’s a good tip which I learned and I am imparting it further to you.

16. Google Algorithm

It is equally important to know that you will have to adapt yourself as per Google’s latest algorithms. If you don’t do that chances are that you won’t be able to make it big.

17. Content Marketing

Marketing is equally important so it is imperative on your part that you curate content taking in the perspective of the market that is to say that you can’t and won’t market iPhone 3gs when the market has got a demand for phones like iPhone x! That would be insane.

18.Meta Title

Meta Title is the title which you give to your website which you can see at the top left corner of your website.

And for blogs, it is something like this.


19.Meta Description

Meta Description is like…


20.Keyword Density

Doing keyword research is of great significance.  If you don’t put in the right keywords then chances are your content won’t be performing as it should owing to the lack of right keyword density which is about 25-30 keywords for a 1000 word blog.

21.Google Analytics

Google analytics is a great tool using which you can analyze the traffic which is coming on your blog.

22.Write Content Which Adds Value In The Lives Of People

It is important to write content which does value addition in lives of people and is not just for Google rankings.

23.Google Search Console

Google search console can help you boost your rankings phenomenally.

24.Alexa Rank

Alexa Rank is a traffic rank which is based on the history of traffic on your website. It is a benchmark to know your website status.

Know the right SEO tools and use them for getting better rankings and traffic. A few examples other than Alexa Rank are Google trends, Ubersuggest etc.

25.Back Linking

Good quality backlinks are essential for your website. In simple language, they are the incoming links to your website from another website. And with good backlinks, Google gives more importance to your page or website.

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