Light-Hearted Funny Memes and Jokes to Look Out for During Frustrating Times

April 1, 2020

Laughter is one of the primary factors of happiness and joy. If you are able to laugh on things even during the bleak of the times, then sure there is something to learn from you.

With the thought of making you smile a little. I have piled up a few memes and jokes which I found funny.

I hope you would like them too.

Here we go with a few light-hearted funny memes and jokes

Men will be men

When two friends meet after a somewhat longer period of time

Story of every man. No matter what the species…

Doesn’t come true everytime

Introverts would agree

Hopes held high

The fear

Okay, maybe that was a little too much

Not your usual Hera Pheri Meme

Friends be like these days…

Bad Joke

Remember the good old school days

I am hungry hooman

Oh okay now we need to watchout

Gangstas arrive in style

Cannnn you smeelllll what the kitteeen is coookinng?

Story of every mom ever

Thanos ki ma kaa…

Memes for children

Do you also do the same?

No caption needed

When you are managing 5 girl friends at the same time

Oh boyyyy

What kind of sorcery is this?

Another bad joke

Story of every man. No matter what the species. Told you earlier as well

Keep that in mind

Men will be men and women will be women too

When they said Coronavirus would die on its own during the summer season (Coronavirus Memes)


Its time to activate the shopping protocol

Its been decades and still don’t know what it is

Again, not your usual SEO meme

School Conspiracies

How lucky?

Yes, what is this nonsense?

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