Grace: The Fragrance of God

Importance of grace

Grace In Life

What is grace? What is this single word which has garnered too much attention of a considerable amount of people in the last few years and why is that today just about everybody is turning toward things like meditation, yoga and intellectual contemplation?

Before starting out we need to understand that in all this, grace truly does play a very significant part.


So What’s Grace?

In simple terms, it is a benediction from God!

Yeah, that’s what it is. When suddenly every wrong turns right in your life that’s grace.

And by no means, it means that the effort was not enough from your end.

The fact is that it (grace) just is; a vibrant and an eclectic sort of ethereal thing which everyone is capable of & for! It won’t be wrong to say that it is the fragrance of god.


So, the question is…

How to become available to grace?


How to receive grace from God?


Yeah, now that’s an interesting question!

See, if you try and see it in a completely unbegotten perspective and even if you hear sages and mystics talk about it, then they will say that it is everywhere.

Just imagine that in the middle of a starlit sky you just happen to see upwards and you see a vast amount of abyss.

And then, you see and feel yourself and realize that your identity in all this scheme of things is just like an atom or maybe not even that.

And that is a somewhat relief! I guess so? What do you think?


And then suddenly (maybe a thought strikes you) that how is your body functioning? How is your hair growing, your nails, your skin and how the hell did you become a 6 feet tall man out of a concoction of sperm and an egg. You didn’t do that consciously, or did you?

And how do the crops grow out of compost which is technically filth (literally shit) and how does the flower which comes out of that filth is full of fragrance?

And I don’t need to tell you that there is an infinitely wide scope of different fragrances out of different flowers coming out of the same shit?


And the realization that everything on this planet is solar powered that is to say without the sun nothing would be there, not even the water because it will freeze without it.

And this incessant nature of your own thoughts makes you contemplate about this whole damn perspective which we can sum up in just one word: our universe, where everything is happening on its own? Isn’t it?

Yeah, that is grace! That you are alive!

But the question remains? that how to absorb grace? And the best way to do that and open yourself to grace would be to consciously participate in activities like meditation and contemplation but that’s not easy to do as it’s easy to say! Just try! No harm in that 🙂

And I would just like to point out that I am not any sage kind of deal. I am just a boy with curiosities and want to channelize my perspectives through writings and would definitely and absolutely love to hear about your perspectives as well.

So, please do comment on what do you think of all this and about this majestic word which is ‘‘grace’’! 🙂

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