How to Detach – Practical Tips for your Emotional Well Being


There are times in our lives when something – be it a situation, a person, someone’s death or a mix of a lot of things can become daunting for us.

And we might find it very difficult to tread through this period. In such cases, people generally go into a self-made cocoon creating a firm boundary between themselves and the rest of the world.

Emotional detachment for a long time can make things go wrong for you in life. BUT sometimes, when things do go wrong, there is no harm in detaching yourself from external situations for some time.

Yes, this time which you fetch for yourself can be used for many things like

  • Self-Contemplation
  • Self-Care
  • Changing Your Perspective
  • Reading
  • Travelling Alone
  • Understand Life

Let’s understand if such a time comes in your life how you can detach yourself from various situations.

Set your boundaries. A key point on how to detach

Often, to protect yourself from various situations, people and other unforeseen factors, you will need to create boundaries for yourself.

When I say boundaries, they can be:

  • Emotional boundaries
  • Mental boundaries
  • Physical boundaries
  • Sexual boundaries

So, how can you know, it is time to set your boundaries.

The answer to that is quite simple. Observe yourself.

See if while thinking about others, like your colleagues, relatives your thoughts go completely off.

See if, perhaps, the idea of your self-image may be dependent on how others look at you and talk about you behind your back. 

  • Do you feel insecure about anything?
  • Do you feel stressed often?

If the answer is yes then perhaps you need to do something about it.

Now, the question arises what kind of things or activities you can do, so that you can have that emotional freedom.

Let’s discuss it further. 

Reconnect with lost friends

If you want to detach from the present, connect with your past. 

Yes, why not? And in this case, the best option would be to get in touch with old school and college friends.

Start reaching out and let your long-lost besties take care of you.

Know that it will take time

The sooner you understand this the better. Yes, it is important to know that detaching yourself emotionally from someone or from a situation is not an easy feat. 

There are no shortcuts and no easy way out. You will have to let the pain run its course.

For this, you will need to hold on to your patience. All I can say is that trust yourself and put every ounce of effort in finding clarity about life, love, relationships, situations and everything in between.

Time to look forward. You need to do this for Detaching

When you are getting over something or someone, it is time that you keep your head high and look ahead and try your best to be prepared for it.

For this, if required, you can even seek help from people whom you look up to and trust with your thoughts.

There is no point in dwelling on painful yesterday and start looking forward to a better and happier future.

Because if you look back you will only want to GIVE UP. And perhaps, that is something you wouldn’t want to happen in reality. Don’t you?

If you truly want to think of something then think about new and better attachments. I say why not?

Now that you are looking ahead for better opportunities, it is time for you to Heal

As said earlier, obviously, your being will take its own time to get over the things of the past. However, after the chaos, everyone gets the chance to make peace with whatever was haunting them. 

And while you get this chance, don’t let it go waste. Search the internet, take advice, follow and build yourself into a human being of substance.

Be grateful for the experiences

Be grateful for the experiences you had and the memories you could make. There might be some bad memories but if you look closer, there might be some good ones too.

Remember that detachment is a learning process and a journey in itself. Every single day can be an opportunity for you to look on the brighter side of things.

Conclusion. Hey, in life, circumstances won’t usually happen your way. Don’t you think if life only could come with an instruction manual how easy it would have been for us? Anyhow, we all know that it doesn’t happen like that. So, if you find yourself coming across a situation when you are desperate on How to Detach, just know that the situation is perhaps here to teach you something.


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