How to Get Clear Skin as Early as Possible?


“How to get that picture perfect skin?” is the question most of the young people ask themselves as they want to look their best all the time.

And for this, they are not ready to compromise on anything.

Actually, I should be using the word “we”

Yes, so we generally have got no problem in going that extra mile for getting the most beautiful and flawless skin.

And for that, we use the best beauty products, cosmetics, sprays and what not. But most of the time, we are disappointed by the false promises of the giant conglomerates dealing in beauty products.

So, “is there any way to get a clear and smooth skin?”

“What are the best ways to have a fresh and clear skin?” are the kind of questions which come to our minds, isn’t it so?

And there is no doubt in the fact that maintaining a clear and beautiful skin is not at all an easy feat!

And this becomes all the more difficult when you are having an acne-prone skin type.

The secret to having an amazing skin quality is all about balance, healthy diet, proper sleep and taking care of yourself.

So, it doesn’t matter what your skin type might be – this guide on getting a flawless skin will be helping you in achieving your goal as early as possible.

Understanding Your Skin Type


Understanding your skin type is very essential before you take any concrete steps to improve it. And talking about the skin types – particularly there are 5 skin types which you should be aware of.

Normal Skin Type

We can call a normal skin normal which has minor blemishes, and it has small and barely visible pores. And generally, the texture of the skin is quite smooth.

And then comes the…

The Oily Skin

You would have seen that some people’s skin shine quite often. Yeah, that shine is oil. And these are the kind of people who very often struggle with acne breakouts as well. It has been generally seen that an excessive amount of oil can even result in larger pores which is not good for a healthy skin.

The Dry Skin

Those who are having a dry skin are having small and invisible pores. Most often a dry skin will result in skin irritation, flakiness and even dry patches.

Combination Skin

What’s a combination skin? The combination skin is a skin type which particularly has the combination of two or even more kinds of skin which we just discussed above.

Sensitive Skin

A sensitive skin is anything which can be like any of the above mentioned skin types but it will have an added sensitivity. And such people must not use too much of cosmetics as generally they can have adverse effects on their skin.

So, these were the main skin types which you needed to understand before proceeding further with the process of getting a flawless skin for yourself.
And after this comes the part of diet.

Yes, diet also plays a very significant role in getting a clear skin.
But you also need to keep in mind that a poor diet doesn’t cause acne or results in poor quality of skin.

What is true is that there are certain kinds of food which you might eat will be causing you acne or might just worsen it.

So, let’s discuss what you should not eat?

Don’t Consume Alcohol If You Want a Healthy and Beautiful Skin


Yes, you would have to give it up mate. If you want your skin to look amazing, then the consumption of alcohol is one thing which you should be positively getting rid of.


Because alcohol is made up of sugars and augments the insulin level further causing inflammation and damaging your skin.

Avoid Dairy Products for a Beautiful Skin

For some people consumption of dairy products such milk might result in a bad skin type which is contrary to the popular belief that consumption of milk is suitable for your health.

What You Should Eat to Get That Picture Perfect Skin

Consume Omega-3 Fatty Acids

An increased consumption of Omega-3 fatty acids can lead to an improved and healthy skin. So look for food which is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids like soya beans or walnuts. For more information, you can always look on the internet.

Antioxidants Rich Food

If you are eating more antioxidant rich food, then it would definitely be benefitting your skin from issues such as skin damage. Thus, food which is rich in vitamin C like tomatoes will do you a lot of good.

Some Important Tips for Having a Healthy Skin


• Start with washing your face daily before going to bed.
• Use a good cleanser every time you wash your face. And at least apply it for 30-45 seconds.
• Remember. Always scrub gently.
• Never skip your morning face wash.
• Go for exfoliation to remove the dead and unworthy cells. They don’t deserve to be on your skin.
• You can also use coconut water for getting a flawless and spotless skin type.
• Other than these, the use of green tea, lemon water, rose water and olive oil will also be greatly benefitting you.
• Never pick or pop out those pimples.
• Sleep at least for 8 hours.
• You can also try and use a clay mask.
• It is equally important to sanitize your gadgets like smartphones.
• Be natural. Go for ayurvedic products.
• Do exercise and get yourself involved in practices like yoga.

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