How To Survive Office Politics? (Part 1)

Do you feel drained out because of the ongoing office politics at your workplace? I guess, just about everybody including you and me feels that way.

Isn’t it so?

There is no denying of the fact that we all feel like hitting someone in our offices and at our workplaces owing to their behavior, gossiping and annoying nature.

And there always will be such kind of people not just at your workplace but also in your life who will be difficult to talk to and who potentially can be the reason of your perpetual unhappiness.

And this unfortunately, becomes the reason of unwanted quarrel which is not at all productive.

So, how do you not involve yourself in it and what are the ways to avoid office politics and annoying and nagging co-workers and office colleagues?

Perhaps these below-mentioned points, tips or advice on getting rid of politics at your workplace might be of some help to you.

1. Learn To Ignore


It is the for the best of your health and happiness that you completely ignore such kind of office colleagues.

However, it is kind of impossible to always be in a position to do so. So, then what?

Sometimes, you may not want it but you will find yourself yelling or quarrelling with and at your co-office workers which is the part of the game and cannot be always put on a lid.

So, to avoid that it is best that the less you speak the better in the first place itself.

Always try and avoid communication with people who are judgemental and highly opinionated. Because these are the kinds of people who are the root of the problem.

Learn to be at peace with yourself.

2. How To Be At Peace?

The simple advice would be to go to at your workplace, do your work and then simply after the clock strikes 6 or 7 pack up and come back.

But that would be boring.

No one is telling you to lead a boring life. There is no harm in cracking a few jokes, talking about your personal life with people who you match your vibe with until and unless you take the curve towards bitching and gossiping about someone else.

In conclusion: just watch your mouth.

3. Stay Quiet


The less you talk the better and whenever you do so just try and talk regarding work and try to talk in a precise manner especially with the people who in your perspective can harm you. Just stay away. Follow commands. Do your work. Don’t gossip so that you be…

4. Be A Straight Guy


Be someone who is only concerned with his and her work. Anyways, you won’t get anything by noticing what clothes someone else is wearing or what kind of phone the other person has?

What difference would it make to your life rather making you feel kind of jealous with the person who has a better set of accessories than you do.

5. Keep Up With Your Work


As said earlier, try and keep up with your work. Be that straight guy with whom and for whom no one really bitches about because you don’t gossip about someone else in the first place and you have the reputation of the kind of person who is solely focused on his work and doing his job.

Build that kind of aura around yourself. If not always but many times it will help.

To be continued…

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