If You Do These 10 Things Then You Won’t Be Successful Ever


Do you want to make it big? Apparently, yes you do. Right?

But before that, you might just want to take a good look in the mirror and honestly tell yourself that what do you see?

You can’t lie to yourself. Do you see things going straight out for you? Do you see your career unfolding in front of yourself as you wanted it to be?

Here I am not talking about the external things or circumstances but about those which are solely your individual responsibility.

And if you indulge too much in these upcoming 10 behaviours then, unfortunately, you won’t be as successful as you would have imagined yourself to be…

#1. Lazy

This is one of the main factors which you may want to get rid off if you want to make it big in the game. People who don’t have any plans regarding their work and people who are just killing time are the ones other people hire to make their dreams come true.

And you don’t want that, do you? I mean for making a living it’s fine but… (would like to leave you with a question to ponder upon)

Or otherwise, you will end up like this cat!

#2. Hold Grudges


It is one of the most prominent traits of unsuccessful people. They hold grudges and by doing so they unconsciously allow themselves to live in the past which simply doesn’t take them anywhere in the upwards direction of the growth ladder.

So, if you want to be unique then you might just want to get rid of this behavioural trait.

#3. Secretly Enjoy In Other’s Failure


99% of the people in the society are like that and somewhere or the other it’s a part of fundamental human trait but with proper mental honing and tools like meditation it can be dealt with.

#4. Are Very Negative


They are just very negative. They have a tendency to trample others in their work. Ego spills from their body language and behavioural pattern. So, it is best to ignore them whenever you come across such kind of people and focus your energy on your own work or on your own thing.

#5. Criticize Others


If you are one of those people who is always cursing and criticizing others then you won’t make it big. You cannot.

Because when you criticize others and here we are talking about negative and unhealthy criticism which is way different than healthy and constructive criticism, you not just upset the people but also the work environment which is not good for business. And with this, we can say that it is one of the top traits of unsuccessful people.

So, next time you want to point out someone’s mistake first think that with this how can the other person benefit and the organization can grow in a positive manner?

#6. They Don’t Do Anything Constructive With Their Lives


They are simply not interested. That’s all. Generally, you will see these kinds of people only talking about others and gossiping like old ladies. “They are all show and no go.”

And you don’t want that kind of thing to come between you and your success.

#7. Blame Others


Whenever anything goes wrong they have a tendency to blame others and not focus on the solution.

Being a solution-oriented guy and someone who is open to all kinds of opinions has got better chances of being a success and making it big in the industry.

This is definitely one of the 10 behaviours of unsuccessful people.

#8. As Said Earlier (They Are The Gossip Queens)

I am just telling you…

These kinds of people love to talk behind everyone’s and anyone’s back. No matter how sweet they are or seem to be in front of others they generally find something bad in everything good with other people and every situation as well.

#9. They Are Always Right


No matter what. They are always right. If you come across such kind of people then you will notice that they don’t like to participate in the healthy discussions and are not interested in reaching a solution on a mutual basis.

#10. Give up easily


These are the kind of people who give up way too easily owing to the lack in their passion for their work. And this is a sign that indicates no success.

I hope that you could relate to these points. If yes then please do comment.


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  1. Thank you for the great info. I understand me what habits are now holding me back 🙂

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