Important Tips To Make Your Blog Successful (For Beginners)


Have you ever wondered that what are the most fundamental tips and tricks when it comes to blogging and how to become a successful blogger?

Chances are that you would have given it a thought only if you are a blogger in the first place or are related to this field in any way.

Isn’t it so?

The fact is that today blogging is picking up trend and many of us have our own blogs which we often use to express ourselves or perhaps to impart knowledge to others in the form of experiences or what we know of.

There are a whole lot of successful blogs and expert bloggers out there dealing in different genres and niches ranging from Tech blogs, Lifestyle blogs and the list doesn’t end.

But the main question is how to become an expert blogger and writer? And, when it comes to writing content what are those important blogging tips which could help you writing your posts without getting disheartening or perhaps without quitting too soon.

Yes my friend, blogging is only for those who are in for the marathon and not a sprint.

And maybe these tips for blog writing will help you a little if you have started your own blog or are thinking about launching one.

1. Consider Blogging As Your Business Or Start-up

It is quite important that you start blogging with this mindset. Think of your blog as your own company – your child. And invest time in nurturing it. Slowly and steadily.

How do you do that? Well, that is exactly we will be discussing in this blog post.

2. You Need To Understand Your Audience

While writing and curating content for your blog it is equally important that you understand the right audience for it.

If you get that point clear, then it will be easier for you to target them and write your blogs accordingly.

For example, people who like to travel may not be interested in a tech blog.

But perhaps they might be interested in reading a little about lifestyle because it is somewhere or the other related to travelling.

3. Blogging Is A Journey


When it comes to blogging then you need to understand that blogging is not a get rich quick scheme and will only work for you if you put your time and devotion to it on a perpetual basis.

And for that, it is necessary that you enjoy the journey. Just focus on producing quality content and just enjoy the whole process and learn as much as you can from it.

4. Blogging As A Full-Time Career?


If you are thinking to take blogging as a full-time career opportunity, then just don’t!

Because in the first few initial months and even years it won’t give you enough juice to make a living out of.

So, it is quite important to understand that whatever you are doing for a living. Just keep on doing that and take blogging as your part-time gig.

When you come home after office or college then devote some time to your blog and focus on growing it in a step-by-step manner.

Remember that you never ever compromise on the quality of your posts.

It is not necessary to write blogs every day. You can limit the frequency as per your convenience but whatever you do it should be quality work and your best work.

5. Building Email List

If you don’t have one, then you will need to build one. An email list can help you reach out to your audience and get traffic to your blog.

6. Find Your Niche


A pro-tip for successful blogging would be to find your niche and then start creating content accordingly.

For that, you would need to identify what is it that you are interested in or passionate about. It can be anything like finance, SEO, blogging, lifestyle, spirituality and there are a whole lot of topics.

But whichever topic you choose to write on – you should be interested in it and it should excite you so that it becomes easy for you to write on it and also research (which can be a bit boring process) on it.

7. Success Comes To Different People At Different Times


If you have just started out blogging then it is important to understand that everyone has different clocks running when it comes to things like death, failures and success.

By this, I mean that no one knows what life can throw at you any moment. A person who is perhaps unsuccessful today can be successful tomorrow and the one is successful today can be unsuccessful tomorrow.

And it is possible that what a person might achieve at 25 years of age the other person might get it at 30 or perhaps even 40 years of age.

So, it is good to give this thought a thought and as said earlier just focus on producing quality content for your readers.

8. Enjoy The Journey Of Learning And Exploring


When you start your own blog then it is your live project. You will need to take care of it like a child. You are the one who will solely do its SEO, SMO, SMM and what not.

So, amid all this, it becomes quite significant that you enjoy the learning process because you will get to learn a lot from this.

As you would be the one who will be taking care of every aspect of your blog whether it be marketing or the above-mentioned things.

9. Don’t Use Google Analytics Initially

It is not that necessary to use Google Analytics when you are just starting out because for a few initial months your blog won’t be having much of traffic.

It is only after 7-8 months that you start taking note of the analytics and simultaneously learn it as well.

10. Write In-Depth Content

It is one of the most effective blogging tips which is to write in-depth content for your readers. And generally as well; blog posts which are at least 1000 or more words strong do well in SERP’s.

However, it is not always easy to write 1000-2000 blog posts. But you can give it a shot.

11. Prove Thought Leadership

When you are writing blog posts for your readers on a given topic then it becomes necessary that you prove your thought leadership to them to gain a certain sense of credibility and trust from your audience.

It is important that they are able to trust and believe you on what you are saying and expressing through your words. So, don’t just spin content.

Provide value.

12. Catchy Headlines


Catchy headlines and H1, H2 tags are also very important when it comes to writing quality content posts.

For example, a headline which says “Expert Tips For Successful Blogging” is way better than just simply “How To Write Content”

13. Learn SEO & SMO


As mentioned earlier, if you are planning to start your own blog then having at least basic knowledge of things like Search Engine Optimization, Social Media and Content Marketing will do you good.

So, these were some of the blogging tips for beginners. Hope it would have helped you.


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