Is There Any Trick For Writing Persuasive Content?


When it comes to writing persuasive content many of us find it to be quite a huge task to sit down in one place and gravitate our thoughts towards a single topic.

Isn’t it so?

And one of the main reasons for that is – “because you find it to be a big bore.”

Yes. No matter, even if your verbal and written English skills are quite good and no matter how many books you would have read in your life.

20, 2000 or 20,000.

The only way to write on a perpetual basis is to like the process.

In my experience, I have seen people who are just amazingly immaculate in their verbal English skills but when it comes to writing they simply can’t put words through on paper consistently.

Surely, they can do that and write great write-ups but just a few times after which; the whole idea of sitting in one place and writing 800-1500 word posts becomes quite overwhelming.

So, with this we know that first of all to do anything the first condition is to like the process. If you like it then you can push through but it is when you don’t then things get a little bumpy.

So, apart from this, is there any trick or any secret for writing content?

Sure not, there isn’t any. It is as simple as that.

There are people who will tell you to follow a process like perhaps to do research work on that topic and then so this and that but in the end, it all comes down to you.

However, still, if you are looking for some tips on how to write good web content then perhaps these might help you.

Write Content For Lazy People

Yes, because most of the time people generally don’t read your full posts. They are in a hurry all the time and kind of scan through your articles.

This is to say that the attention span of people, in general, is quite narrow and that is where we need to focus and crack our point.

Use Media Wherever You Can


It is also quite necessary to use media in your posts in the form of visually inviting images, infographics and videos as well.

Without it, your content will seem boring to other people who are not really interested in reading but still want to get something out from what you are providing to them.

Use Simple Language


There is no need to use hard and lofty words. People don’t have enough time to deal with them unless you are writing poetry or a novel kind of thing.

Be simple and straight-forward.

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There Is No Need For Clever Writing


Don’t try and be clever to your readers. When writing content there is no need to use long paragraphs and sentences. Avoid them too often. Be simple and to the point.

Be Concise And Direct


Most importantly write with a clear mind. There is no need to take the pressure but that can be relative for people. There are many who can take the pressure and write well with it. However, there are many who can’t.

So, it is important to be direct, simple and concise in your approach while writing web content.

Hope it would have helped.


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