These Leadership Lessons from Robert Iger (6th CEO of Disney) are the Bible for Anyone Who Wants to Make it Big in their Life

August 3, 2020

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” – John Quincy Adams

Recently, I started reading The Ride Of A Lifetime by Robert Iger aka Bob Iger who was the sixth CEO of Walt Disney Company, from 2005-2020.

This book written by Iger himself is a genuine attempt to cover the ins and outs of his journey through his lens.

He tells the reader; how he started from scratch and went on to become the CEO (for 15 years) of not just one of the biggest conglomerates but probably also the most loved companies on Earth – Disney.

What stayed with me, after reading the book, is its essence – the leadership lessons by the author which I guess was the basic idea to write this book in the first place itself.

So, without wasting any time let’s dive in and explore the most practical leadership lessons which Robert Iger learned by working for 15 years as the CEO at Disney.

#1. Optimism


According to Iger, one of the most likely qualities any leader should have is pragmatic optimism.

This means that even while facing difficult choices and outcomes that may not be ideal, a leader shouldn’t yield to pessimism.

However, it is a bit difficult to attain the fine balance between these two words i.e. pragmatic and optimism; reason being as both of them are opposite in their nature.

But anyone who can achieve this subtle state of mindset can truly make it big no matter what the industry or sector he or she might be working in.

#2. Courage


The basis of courage, in its essence, is risk-taking. And seeing the ever-changing dynamics of every industry these days, it becomes all the more important for any leader to cultivate courage as one significant trait in their lives.

According to Mr Robert Iger, “True innovation can only happen when people have courage.”

#3. Focus


If you want to make it big in the game and excel in each and every aspect of your life then your focus should always be on allocating your –

  • Time
  • Energy and
  • Resources towards the betterment of strategies, solving problems at hand and focusing on projects of the highest value and importance.

#4. Decisiveness


Iger strongly believes that any leader must encourage a diversity of opinion from his team which must be balanced with the genuine need to also implementing them in a timely way.

#5. Curiosity


The path to innovation begins with curiosity – Robert Iger

Curiosity helps us

  • Discover new things
  • Discover new ways of doing them
  • Working on new ideas
  • Executing them in innovative ways
  • And also understanding the ever-changing dynamics of the marketplace

#6. Fairness


At the base of any strong leadership process lies treating your people with decency.

In his career, Iger saw how important empathy as a leadership skill was. Along with this, the accessibility of people at the higher level of the corporate hierarchy also matters a great deal.

#7. Thoughtfulness


According to Iger, thoughtfulness is one of the most underrated elements of good leadership.

Thoughtfulness, as described by Robert Iger is the process of gaining knowledge, so that, any opinion rendered or decision made comes out to be more credible and more likely to be a correct one.

#8. Authenticity


For any leader it is important to be as authentic as possible.

Be genuine. Be honest to yourself and your people. Don’t fake anything reason being as truth and authenticity breeds respect and trust among your colleagues and associates.

Indeed, these is one of the most vital leadership lesson everyone should focus on cultivating.

#9. Relentless Pursuit of Perfection


By perfection, it doesn’t mean perfection at all costs. However, it does mean, in its basic essence to refuse any kind of mediocrity.

Something shouldn’t be just “good enough”.

For instance, if you believe that something can be made or done in a better and cost-effective way then, you should definitely put the required efforts to achieve that.

#10. Integrity


Nothing can be and should be more important than the integrity of an organization’s people and its product.

It is important to note that any company’s or organization’s success depends on setting high ethical standards for everything big and small alike.

Conclusion: In the end, all I can say is these leadership lessons are crucial for anyone who aims for achieving the top of the list in corporate hierarchy. If you liked it, then, do share it with your friends and see what they have to say about this topic.

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