Liquid Gold: The Anatomy of Human Relationships

Do you think that maintaining any relationship irrespective of its nature that is to say a relation between brother-sister, father-daughter or a husband and wife is quite a task?

Well, if you ask me, yes it is! And precisely that part, yes the part of all time fluctuating emotions makes us human.

And we also need to understand that human relationships are relative and have a tendency to change owing to different factors and situations in life and of course with time.

You will see and experience that many who once were very dear to you are now not a part of your life.

I mean they are simply not there and the same thing goes for you as well.

You as a person are also not present in other’s lives who once thought the world of you! Isn’t it so? Well, that is how the world works if you are not some mystic! And apparently, you are not 🙂

So, let’s try and explore these two words which are quite heavily indexed in our lives ‘Human Relationships’

Pain & Joy: Tug of War

Pain and Joy

Do you also feel that there is a constant tug of war between your mind and heart?

Well, that’s completely normal and sometimes this tug of war results and fructifies into bitter-sweet experiences of life!  Sometimes joy and sometimes pain! That’s the crux of human relationships.

Is There a Communication Problem?


Coming to the aspect of communication it can be said that it is a two-way process and requires a certain amount of dedication to maintain its balance.

It is quite evident that if one doesn’t reciprocate in terms of communicating which is a two-way process, a relationship can die and can go cold.

According to a study, the lack of communication is one of the strongest reasons which results in failed marriages.

Ahh, I Think you knew that already!

Growing Up a Relationship


There are many factors for growing a relationship.

Owing to the fragility of human relationships it is imperative that people must speak and listen to their respective partners who can be their friends, wives, husbands, parents or even grandparents.

So, listen before you speak and contemplate while you listen for growing a good relationship.

The Role Of Technology In Human Relationships


Today, the technology is responsible for making the people somewhat anti-social. Everyone today, especially the youth, is getting off the grid in terms of being social and interacting with each other as well as their near and dear ones.

Maintaining Human Relationships


If you don’t compare the one with whom you are in relation, irrespective of the kind of relationship to others and you don’t judge them, it is only then, that, in today’s hectic times there is a chance of a relationship getting worked out.

In conclusion, we can say that human relationships are interpersonal in nature and are responsible for creating a very profound impact both in terms of doing good and bad.

But, wait… Hold on!

Human Realtionships – The Liquid Gold


Now, after reading all this you would be wondering that why this article has been named liquid gold.

The reason for that is that human mind and tendencies have a strong resemblance to liquid gold which is pure in nature and can easily be moulded into certain shapes.

Similarly, the human relationships are also flexible and can be moulded, or you can say even corrupted due to some external factors.

And amid all this importance of grace in our lives cannot be neglected!

Trust, transparency, honesty are some of the factors which are responsible for maintaining the gold like pious quality in relationships but which however are in short supply these days…

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