Mother’s Day Quotes and Wishes Which Portray the Eternal Bond of Love Between a Mother and Her Child

May 2, 2020

The occasion of Mother’s Day is special for everyone. Especially, the children who try their best and put out great efforts to make this day a memorable experience for her.

The whole world celebrates Mother’s Day with great joy and enthusiasm. And to honour the same, I have prepared a few quotes and wishes for the upcoming Mother’s Day 2020, falling on 10th May.

Let’s dive in and explore the most popular Mother’s Day quotes and wishes.

True that


Perhaps the best Mother’s Day Quote

Same goes for me

You feel so secure

Something to ponder upon

Only a mother can do it. Happy Mother’s Day folks

You wish

But still, you make it look so easy-peasy. More love and power to you

We truly do. Are you listening Ma..?

No power in the world can replace your mom, isn’t it so?

Conclusion: These were a few Mother’s Day Quotes and Wishes which I personally like very dearly. Our mother is one special woman in each one of our lives without whom, we might not have made this far in life. So, let’s make this Mother’s day a really special one for her.


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