Parenting Tips – How To Be A Great Parent?


Now this is the kind of question which every parent asks from Google!

Isn’t it so?

I bet you too Googled this dilemma and are perhaps reading my blog on your smartphone or pc!

I know and now you know (because you are a parent now or maybe are on your way to becoming one) too that when it comes to parenting then, it can be really hard.

If you ask me why?

Then the answer to that would be because you have to keep the interest of the child above yours.


You want to make sure that your child gets the best of the best in just about any field or aspect of life.

Whether it be toys, education, personal development skills or anything. Isn’t it like this with you too?

Don’t worry every other parent is also going through the same process as you.

Especially the ones who have recently become parents to a child.

So, what are the best options to consider so that you do your job of parenting right?

Well that is what I am going to discuss with you in this post.

And before moving ahead I would like to clarify that I am not perfect either. I am just like you guys.

So, why not just make this a discuss platform. I give you my knowledge and in return, you share your tips and advice on parenting in the comment section.

Let’s move ahead!

Child is a great imitator

What do I mean by this?

I don’t need to tell you that children are great imitators. Perhaps it is a part of human behaviour!

But they do follow what they see!

So, in this case, it becomes very important for you as a parent to lead by example.

Just don’t tell them what is right or wrong.

Show them!

For instance, if you tell them that throwing garbage on the roads just like that is wrong then you should not be throwing anything under any circumstance on the road either. Especially, in front of them!

Show them your love


Especially, in the tender age, children need proper care and love from a parent. Thus, it is very important for you as a parent to fulfil their desires and basically, show them that you are there for them always.

The realization of the children’s part that their parents are there for them on every twist and turn acts as great mental support.

Moreover, this will also help your child to take his or her decisions on their own.

And if we further dive into the technicalities of things then you would come to know that showing these acts of love triggers the release of hormones like oxytocin, opioids and prolactin etc which are responsible for calmness, emotional warmth and contentment.

Focus on positive experience

Did you know?

That when we are born then we are having around 100 billion brain cells with us having relatively little connections.

This whole process of brain functioning is ultimately responsible for creating our thoughts and driving our actions. And then with time, it shapes our personalities. All of this is sort of strengthened by the experiences which we have in our lives.

And precisely because of that it becomes very important as a parent for you to ensure that your child has more and more positive experiences in his or her life.

The more the positive experiences the more the chances of your child becoming a better human being.

Communicating with your children


We all know how important communication is in our everyday lives, isn’t it?

So, it equally becomes quite important for you to listen to your child and observe what they are feeling and help them accept certain things and guide them through the process of communication.

What it will be doing exactly is that it will significantly help you in making your bond with the child quite strong, guaranteeing a better relationship.

And that is what all the parents want!

To be successful in this whole process you would have to be quite patient in the first place.


Reflect on your own childhood

As a parent it is equally important for you to reflect on your own childhood.

This is quite a rational thought actually. Don’t you think!

By comparing your own childhood experiences and seeing your children behaving in a certain manner in a certain situation under the effect of certain emotion will help you help them.

Thus, it is a very significant parenting tip for all the parents to consider.

Your and your child’s well-being matter


Now, this is a very important point. If you are still reading, then go ahead with this one too.

It has been seen that most parents just forget about themselves while taking care of the child. As in they just don’t do the things which they used too before they weren’t parents.

Now this is a bad way of parenting.

You should remember that you are a human too. And you are taking care of another human (your child)

Now, if you yourself won’t be in better health condition and have a stable mindset or you can say mental well-being as a parent then chances are that you won’t be much successful in the job of parenting.

So, it is highly recommended that you do take care of yourself and take some time from the hectic schedule for yourself too.


Set a goal

Yes, it is rather a question!

Do you have any goal for your child?

I bet you have!

Because most of the parents do. I can and other parents as well relate to the fact that you would want the best education for your child. You want your child to be productive. You want your child to read good books, do meditation play sports. Be balanced!

Who doesn’t? Every parent wants this kind of thing for their children. But now the question arises that how much effort you are putting in to make this a reality for your child?

Ae you ensuring that your child is able to grasp the right perspective on life? If yes, how so?

I would like to leave this post on this note.

Please if you find this and if you are a parent then tell me and other parents like you what do you think about it? Let’s discuss and grow together.

Conclusion: We all know that parenting is more of a psychological process in itself. And requires a great deal of effort from the parent’s side to listen, to observe, and to guide the child in the right direction. And in doing these effective parenting tips might just be of some help to you!

Happy Parenting!

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