4 Entertaining Plex Web Shows That You May Enjoy

January 29, 2020

Are you a regular user of Plex seedbox? In that case, you must be aware of the latest addition of Plex web shows into the list.

In 2018, Plex has taken a new leap by adding web shows in its entertainment list. With a handful of web shows, the Plex media server has gained a lot of appreciation from the users. And now, you have the access to choose dozens of web shows from the list.

Do you have a separate corner of love for the web shows? Then Plex seedboxes are exactly what you need for entertainment.

Guys, the list is long. But we have managed to pen down a few that are worth to be mentioned. Let’s dive into the stack.

4 Entertaining Web Shows Of Plex Seedbox

  1. Pitchfork: Pitchfork is a very popular web show that has gained limelight in the music industry. It initiated its journey as a magazine and now widely known for its website pitchfork.tv and video content.

    Here you can enjoy recently launched music, short films on music, documentaries, live concerts, festivals, and series. Currently, the web show is running with over 280 episodes and it is expected to have more in the long run.

  2. Thinknoodles: Hey, the game lovers all around. Do you use Plex? If so, Thinknoodles web show is certainly worth to subscribe. Unlike other web shows, you can watch this sitting with your family and friends. The web show is pivoted around video games that the host plays and simultaneously, allows you to enjoy live commentary on those events.

    One of the surprising facts about this web show is, you will never get bored while watching this as every time it comes up with something new. From Minecraft to Pokemon, with Thinknoodles, you can enjoy all fascinating video games.

    Just subscribe to this and you will discover over 2000 episodes that are here to entertain. 

  3. Vanity Fair: Vanity Fair is yet another print magazine that was initially introduced in 1913 and now extended to the US, UK, Italy, France, Mexico, and Spain.

    This Plex web show involves the recent gamble that the magazine has made. It has clearly focused on the content that has been recorded to entertain the users. The show even covers the arts, business, media, politics, and everything that can entertain a user. You can enjoy a new episode every day.

  4. Cold Fusion: Would you like to dive into the insights of the companies, technologies, and other branded and unbranded distractions? This particular web show can be the exact solution for this.

    The show is running with over 250 episodes on Plex. The recent episode is all about the comparison of Apple and Huawei, about the six tech CEOs who have failed to manage the brand by taking wrong moves, and so on. To enjoy a new episode you can switch on to your Plex every week and relish it. 


Are you interested to add these web shows into your playlist? Then make a quick note that you can only add your desired web shows from the Plex media server app. The Plex media player app is thus of no use here.

Plex seedboxes thus again proved to be the best media partner for the media lovers, serving remotely. Those who are still waiting for the right moment, make sure your moment starts now. 

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