Purpose Of Life: Half-Baked Thoughts Of A 23 Year Old


What is the purpose of life? Does our life have a purpose? Why are we here? Is someone controlling us from the stars? Are we alone? Why do we exist? What is the purpose of human life?

These are the kinds of questions which just about everyone of has thought about or thinks at some point or another in their lives, isn’t it so?

So, is there a purpose in life?

To be honest the answer can be debatable.

As for many, there is no such thing as a definite purpose.


Because of the fact that many of us are just going with the flow of things in life. Our direction is not set by our pre-planned will. It just isn’t is, owing to many-many external factors.

And that is what we call fate. Or like to address it that way.

And then, for many, there does exist a definite purpose in life. The point is when do they found it? Or what was the event which escalated their search or end to finding their motive in and for life?

For many, it is saving children from diseases like cholera, malnutrition in the affected areas around the world like Africa, Syria.

For many, it can be writing that epic novel, performing that brilliant acting performance, painting that masterpiece or maybe doing something for the country like being in the army or politics and continuing and persisting in doing that till the end of their lives.

This is what any regular person will take out to be the meaning of life’s purpose to be.

But is it so?

Or is there even a god given purpose for the human life as a whole?

Can it be happiness, finding joy in the small things in life?

Or is it achieving big things in life such as getting that Mercedes, Porsche, Ferrari or creating the billion-dollar dream into reality?

The truth is according to my limited understanding that in life there will always be unlimited variables and according to those variables, everything further becomes a possibility.

The question is under what circumstances, mindset or thought process you pick the combination of certain things which you start doing in life and which later on in life you describe to be as your purpose?

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Time is limited


It is equally important to understand that yours, mine and ours’ time on this planet is hilariously limited.

And keeping that in mind please try and do things which you not like, aren’t passionate about or even find fun doing in but rather, find meaningful to work upon and for.

Find things meaningful to do and work upon and they will fulfill the criteria of being fun, passion worthy and likable on their own.

Isn’t it so?

Does God have a purpose for you?

First of all, to be clear you already know that in this universe you live on nothing but on a very little dot or you can even go to the extent of saying a particle.

And, given this fact even if you become the next Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg or Jack Ma, it doesn’t matter to the universe.

Surely, if you become like him or the others, you can do a hell lot of good things for the society or even bad things being in that position but that would be totally up to you.

The point is that among 100 billion galaxies and unlimited solar systems and stars which are 1000 times bigger than our sun, yours being a Bill Gates, Steve Jobs or just a regular guy living a normal life doesn’t matter much.

Your emotions, your thinking, your society, your grudges, your resentments, failures, success, happiness matter nothing but dust in the bigger scheme of things.

It is only to you and your limited near and dear ones that these kinds of things have an impact upon.

And if you are a Bill Gates kind of personality or a big-shot then the numbers of people getting affected by being around you in a good or bad way might increase but that is it. There is no further going than that.

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So, What To Do?


Let me ask you in the first place. What can you do?

The basic answer you would find anywhere is that persist in finding what you like or love doing, isn’t it so?

What’s new in that?

The only thing I find adding on to this philosophy of life is to make sure that you ask yourselves this question which is…

Whatever you do or are doing, are your actions, thoughts, and emotions synchronized in and for that particular task?

You must not be having any kind of resentment, or holding grudges for someone or having any kind of guilt.

Live life free. Find meaning.

At least try. I am also doing the same.


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