Robert Downey Quotes Which Will Help You Find Clarity In Life


Robert Downey Jr. is one of the most popular Hollywood actors across the globe. There is no doubt about that.

We all know that his most loved and perhaps also one of the most popular performances have been in Avengers series where he plays the role of Iron Man.

However, from early on in this career he has seen critical success which was followed by a substance abuse and legal difficulties as well.

And after that, he did see phenomenal success in his middle age. This period started from the year 2008 when he was seen for the very first time playing the role of Iron Man.

And Robert Downey Jr. successfully added his own charming aura in that role. And with all this, he successfully garnered a fortune for himself which was around $80 million in his earnings. That’s a lot!

And owing to his amazing journey we would definitely want to take a look at these inspirational quotes by Robert Downey Jr.

This guy has seen some serious shit and has been out of that for good.

Lesson learned sir.


Yeah that does happen in life!


Just like he did. He became Iron man didn’t he?


This quote by Robert Downey jr. is so good that it’s on repeat!

robert-downey-jr-quotes (1)

Yes, you are sir. Respect!


This is definitely a Robert Downey Jr Quote


An amazing actor


Just like Iron Man


Quite hard, actually!


Hmmm…something which can be learned!

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