Sarkari Naukri Tips – How To Get A Government Job?

May 5, 2019

There is no doubt in the fact that having a government job or what we know as a Sarkari Naukri gives us a better sense of security in terms of financial gains.

And that is the reason that most of the students prepare for them aiming to secure a government job which could act as their backbone when it comes to living a secure and good life.

But it is quite easy said than done. Isn’t it so?

First of all, cracking a government job exam might not prove to be a piece of cake for you.

However, if you continue with perseverance putting in continuous efforts then it is something which you can achieve BUT with a strategic plan.

So, how do you do that? 


How Do You Prepare For Government Exams/ Sarkari Naukri Exams?

First of all, start by

  • Motivating yourself
  • Knowing where you stand in terms of knowledge
  • Dedication is also important
  • Collect the study materials you need for preparation and study hard
  • Make tough things your priority
  • Time management is required
  • Finally, try mock tests. Keep a timer with yourself

Important Tips On Getting A Government Job/Sarkari Naukri

Choose the government sector in which you would like to work

Consider government like a giant machine. And in this machine, there are different parts which are required to make this machine work and function in a proper manner.

You may call these parts as government sectors. Each sector has its importance and is imperative for healthy and hygienic functioning and vitality of our country.

Thus, it becomes important for you to acquaint yourself with various departments which the government has and figure out that in which the government sector you would like to work.

For this, if you want you can even take counselling from someone reliable or from some professional.

Be positive

Getting a job in a government department is not that easy as it seems. Dreaming about getting a job in the government sector takes consistent efforts from the student’s end.

As a person would be required to go through several tests and screenings as well. And for that maintaining a positive attitude throughout becomes quite imperative for the candidate.

Hug Optimism

You might have also heard that the number of government jobs is decreasing on an annual basis which might be the cause of some negative thought process for you. The fact here is that you don’t need to be disheartened by this. Instead, you should be doing proper research and figuring out the job which you might be interested in.

Make Use Of Tools

What better tool can there be than internet in this day and age. Hence, you need to do nothing but go on Google and make use of internet portals such as Naukri, Monster and there are so many others.

Furthermore, after particularly finding about the required field of work the person should be applying for it keeping in mind the said government rules and regulations.

Research. Lot of It

After applying for the job when you receive an interview call then you would need to do specific research about the job position. Moreover, you would also need to see that particular department is beneficilal for the government.

Therefore, it is necessary for each and every candidate applying for the government job that they need to be well researched with their interview possibility.


After you have locked that in which profile you are going to work then what is required is that you start looking for notifications where you can get some important information of your use.

This will immensely help you in preparing for your job interviews and also in cracking them.

Prepare yourself in advance

It is not at all easy for you to clear the government interview. And unlike the rest of the company, you would need to conduct some interview sessions which will be inclusive of special tests, screening and what not.

And for this you would need to prepare yourself in advance.

Be Patient

It may be possible that you might have to wait for an interview call for some time and it is very needed that you hold patience during this time. And if you would really want that job then you won’t be minding having a little patience, isn’t it so?

Government Job Interview Tips:

Tips on How to Prepare a Government Job Interview:

The interview tips which we have mentioned are completely unique and also tried and tested ones. Following these tips will surely help you crack through the job interview successfully.

  • Be Ready for the Challenge
  • Research well about the department you have applied
  • Cover every info about the government job
  • Use a solid and authentic reference (if any)
  • Make a list of all the points to speak in the interview
  • Gather details about other government jobs too
  • Prepare all the common type of questions usually asked
  • Ascertain the competition for the job
  • Overnight preparation doesn’t work
  • Practice Makes a Man Perfect
  • Take the help of your family and friends
  • Practice in front of a mirror
  • Overcome your fear by proper preparation
  • Participate in the quiz and similar kind of interviews
  • Try mock interviews
  • Meet your seniors who have cleared the interview
  • Should be updated about all the government jobs
  • Get coaching for clearing government job exams
  • Try to give more actual interviews
  • Prepare well to face any situation during the interview
  • List out a few questions that you want to ask the interviewer
  • Prepare well to face panel interviews
  • Prepare yourself psychologically and mentally
  • Work on your Emotional Quotient (EQ)
  • Have a positive attitude during the interview day
  • Have a smile on your face
  • Body language should be positive
  • Eyed contact and firm handshake
  • Dress formally
  • Avoid using strong perfumes or deodorants
  • Know About Interview Protocol
  • Pitching should be Perfect
  • Always Greet With Good Morning
  • Prepare the most elaborate introduction of yourself
  • Do not hide anything about yourself
  • Eye contact is important
  • Words and Actions Must go Hand in Hand
  • While talking, use formal English
  • Avoid using if’s and but’s
  • Try to be in commanding position
  • Avoid being talkative
  • Do NOT be Argumentative
  • Have a good presence of mind
  • Remain Calm and Composed during Interview
  • Talk about your interests and expertise
  • Answer confidently
  • The sense of Humor works in interviews
  • Be honest
  • Be sharp and objective
  • Do NOT Ask too many Questions to Interviewers
  • Avoid Open-Ended Questions
  • Share Good & Bad Experiences
  • Do NOT Ask for Salary during interview
  • Do NOT Start Growing Weary
  • Be Humble
  • Share At Least one Weirdest Moment of Your Life
  • Explain your Point with Examples
  • Avoid using too Many Fillers
  • Your conversation must revolve around the job
  • Avoid bringing out personal prejudices
  • Do not panic if something goes wrong
  • Talk about your academics Only If it is Good
  • Share about Your Personal Life
  • Be Natural
  • Completely Engross Your Interviewers
  • Use thank you and greet them after the interview
  • Ask for Feedback
  • Make a List of Points Where You Went Wrong
  • Do NOT Show frustration at Interviewers if Rejected
  • Do NOT Lose Heart
  • Cracking a Government Job Interview is All about Personality
  • Start Developing Personality From Now On
  • Personality is More Important than Academics
  • Think positively
  • Improve listening Skills
  • Overcoming Stress, Fear, Anxiety & Nervousness is vital
  • Understand Your Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Strengthen Your Communication Skills
  • Improve your Analytical Skills
  • Work on Your English Language
  • Have good general knowledge


After you have successfully passed your examination it may happen that you are called for an interview for the second stage of the selection process. Here, the candidate is expected to have a basic knowledge of English. The candidate might also be called out for a group discussion where in the candidate has to impress the interviewers with assertive facts and important points.

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