Life Improvement Tips – How To Improve Your Life?


Let me ask you a question.

I know that this may sound a little weird but just try and stay with me on this! The question is that How many times in a day, do you feel “Happy”?

Maybe a couple of times.

A single day just like our life acts as a mixed churned up heap of emotions.

Do you agree?

So, then is there a need to ask this question to ourselves in the very first place which is “How to improve our life?”

I say why not? There should always be a room for improvement in our life!

And by taking certain steps in the direction of improving our lives we grow which is the whole point of living perhaps, isn’t it so?

How dramatically are we able to change our life is the result of our thought process, imagination and the number of efforts which we put into it with complete devotion.

If we look back in the past then we would say that perhaps a couple of decades ago humans couldn’t even think of doing certain things which we can do in the present times like travelling into space, human jet-pack suits, flying cars and there are just so many more examples. You can Google them if you want.

But what needs to be noticed here is the fact that all these ideas were somewhere or the other present in our imagination.

Isn’t it so? A man flying in the air came out to be as Superman. See, we had imagined this before or someone did.

And today it can literally be done with equipment like jetpacks. If you don’t believe me then go on youtube and type in the keywords and find out for yourself.

So, the crux of giving all these examples to you is to let you know that or perhaps grab your attention to the fact that for improving our lives what first needs to be done is fan the thought with your imagination.


Yes, it is true. And it is one of the factors which makes this whole process work.

Let’s discuss.

So, if you ask me if a middle-class man can become immensely rich then the answer to that would be yes.

If the right amount of luck and the needed self-efforts from the man himself are there in this whole scheme.

What I want to convey is that success or life improvement is the combination of factors like:

  • Desire
  • Planning
  • Effort
  • Perseverance

Are you still with me?

So, here are some tips on life improvement which will be helping us grow together.

Can you face your fears?


I know that when it comes to facing our fears we tend to do a lot of things which we should not be doing like:

Doubting ourselves

  • Not taking the right action
  • Not taking them in the right direction
  • We just let it go sometimes

All of this is bad stuff. Yes, it is!

Don’t indulge in all of this shit!

Just step in that zone. Give yourself the necessary freedom.

Freedom of what?

To that, the answer is –  the freedom to fail.

Yes, sometimes you need to remind yourself that what bad would happen to you if you are not able to do this. At most, you will fail.

There might be a possibility that you also lose some money in the process but that is just a part of life.

Isn’t it?

See, Mark Zuckerberg also lost billions in his recent case regarding data handling.

So, what? He would have made the double of that amount by now!

Sometimes that is how functions. Just trust yourself.

Have some willpower to change the course of your direction


Yes, why not?

Again this is tough, isn’t it so?

How many times and how successfully you have seen people doing this feat in their lives?

How many times?

If you have been putting your efforts to some gig for quite a long time now then perhaps the answer is no.

And the best thing would be from your end would be to stop putting the efforts into it. Try something else. Educate yourself.

Look for other things. Other options. There is the internet. Explore.

Above all invest in yourself. Invest in your growth.

The art of making mistakes

There is certainly no harm in making mistakes. Actually, there is just an immensely tremendous scope to learn from it. In just too many ways. All you need to do is pay attention.

Learn to value time


What I have seen is that you should know the value of your time.

First of all, all of us are here only for a limited period of time. And this is for real. So, if you take this notion lightly then think again.

What is your age in the present context? 22, 25, 35 or be it any number.

The fact is that you only have perhaps 50 years or so to live. And take the time of sleeping, commuting, bathing, frustrating on your life and then again do a revision of the same question.

Now, what is the time you have at your disposal?

A lot less I guess. So better keep that in mind while taking actions in your life.

Make goals. Set them and reset them again


Having some purpose in life or for a certain amount of time let’s just say 5 years or a 10 year time period will provide you with the necessary perspective to scale up your efforts. It will help you set your goals.

And if you think that you need some tweak in your strategy then you would also need reset and refine your goals for the betterment of achieving the ultimate result.

Learn from everything and everywhere

I don’t need to tell you about the importance of learning now. Do I?

The crux of the topic is wherever you find people worth listening to, listen to them and if possible ask questions get clarity – do your best!

Learn discipline


Now that is another important thing which you must learn to deal with. However, I know that it is very hard.

And might just be quite overwhelming for you. But at the end of the day, it is the art of discipline that will get you through life and will work as a great factor for you when it comes to achieving goals, contentment and peace in life.

So, how do you do that?

How do you learn discipline?

The only answer to that in my limited experience would be to practice it. Try and do some meditation and see if it works for you.

Conclusion: In conclusion, all I can say is that when it comes to life improvement then there are many many things which you would need to learn, practice and even perhaps experiment with it. However, in the end, it all boils down to one question. How bad do you want it?

Hope this post on how to improve your life would have helped you, if yes then please do share it!


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