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There is a reason behind the saying “content is king” and that is because it is one of the most significant driving forces behind the success of any business.

Isn’t it so?

So, for making your business successful if you are looking for quality web content, SEO writing, social media or copywriting services then maybe we can help you out.

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Hire me for Content Writing Projects. I am no expert but I write fairly good I guess. 🙂

Hi, My name is Rohan Bhalla and I am a content writer by profession.

I started out in 2017 and since then, have written content on a variety of topics. To be honest, initially, my content wasn’t that good. I used to make mistakes and still do; on a certain level, I am even proud of my mistakes. I don’t know why, but they have made me better in my game.

It’s been three years that I am consistently working in this field and have seen significant growth in my overall understanding of the subject (if you may want to call it so).

However, what if I say…

I will deliver a crisp copy and impeccable blog posts for your business that may even help you drive leads. But I won’t say it, or rather write it.

Yes, I don’t even know if that would be an honest statement to make!

Yeah, seriously because the matter of fact is that, although Content is said and believed to be the King in the digital landscape, there are many other factors too which will help you drive leads for your business.

So, what are those factors apart from excellent written content?

On a basic level, I will say SEO, marketing campaigns, a good understanding of your product and, yeah no one can forget the amazing power of product positioning and having an impeccable grasp of buyer’s/user’s persona.

So, you see, there are a LOT of other factors which play a vital role at multiple layers due to which, your product/brand becomes what it becomes eventually.

Take a note…

So, anyone who is saying that they are the wizards of words, they are the best, they are the top 10, or even the top 100 content writers in India.

I would seriously suggest you to think again, analyse and then only make a decision.

You know why I say this, it is because any person who is having considerable experience in their respective profiles would eventually go on becoming a bit better every day of the month. There is no need to flaunt yourself like that. Or maybe that is how it works these days. (Yeah go on, you can call me biased on that one)

My point is that it doesn’t matter if it is sales, marketing or any other professional space. You do become better with daily practice. And at the end of the day, it does reflect in their work.

So, coming back to square 1, what does a fairly written content piece can do for your business?

I don’t think a single piece of content would be able to do anything for your business or any brand. Yeah, this is so true.

Just hear me out, or rather, I should say read me out.

All I am saying is this is precisely where the role of SEO comes into play. Yes, for any website to do well, it must have multiple numbers of content pieces that are SEO-friendly present on it.

I am no expert, but still, there must be atleast 200-300 long-form (1000-1500 words) content pieces on your website. Only then, it will start getting indexed on SERP.

Apart from on-page blogs, off-page SEO activities, the website content which is there on your website pages also matters a great deal.

And any good content writer backed by his flair for writing and work experience must be able to deliver that for you.

So, why hire me to write content for you?

To make it easy I will answer it in bullet points.

  • I like to write
  • I try to be practical in my approach
  • I am disciplined
  • I am no expert but I can churn out fairly good content for you

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