The Bright And Dull Perspective Of Being A Delhi Call Girl


Have you ever given a thought that what it would be like being a call girl in a bustling town such as Delhi?

The bonafide capital of our country where the culture and the traditions collide in a very warm and ethical way. However, amid of all this good chaos, there is also another dimension of our very own country reflecting another kind of world – the world of prostitution.

This is the story of Ankita who is a call girl living a normal life. However, it is her work which, perhaps, defines her in a negative shade of light. The fact that she is a call girl make people see her in a different perspective altogether. A person who is not a good fit for society.

Ankita was born and brought up in the town of Delhi and had a normal childhood like all of us.

So, what event gave her life this direction? What made her take this unfortunate way of making her livelihood?

Apparently, when we dig in her past then we see that it was the poor living conditions and the feeling of being in such a miserable state which gave her this instinct to get rich too soon.

And this is when one of her friends Puja who herself had newly entered this profession had told her about this.

“6,000 for spending a few hours with a client” was her reaction when Puja told her about the money.

“Yes, it is sometimes even more” And all you need to do is satisfy him.

“That is it.” Ankita had asked.

“Yeah.” And not just that they also give you gifts and if you come into all this then, you will be living a luxurious lifestyle.

And that particular moment made Ankita think of something which will change her life upside down. Anyway, being poor had not given anything in life. So, why not try something new.

And from then on, slowly and steadily, she made a name for herself in this industry. There were many kinds of men all the way long – rich, poor, alcoholics, depressed and even people who just wanted to talk to someone.

And it was in her journey of being a call girl, a prostitute that she also got to learn about new perspectives about life and love. Many men who she met were kind of cowards from the inside no matter how glittery their outside position seemed to be. But then, money was that mattered the most.

The money was good and she was satisfied with her life. But at the end of the day a part of her wanted to be something more; to perhaps become a doctor or maybe a lawyer. And it was this longing of her that made her believe that there was more to life. She would sometimes imagine that how would it feel like to be one such person doing regular chores of life?

And she held on to that belief very dearly. As it was the only thing which she had got and perhaps that was enough to help her get through this life.

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