The Day When Ritul Saw An Eight Year Old Girl Earning A Living

September 10, 2018

Do you want to hear a story?

It is not a fantasy or some kind of thriller. Rather it is a kind of simple anecdote with a little message for the people who are able.

Able in terms of helping others.

So, do you want to hear it?

Let me tell you that it will not entertain you.

Are you in?

So, it starts like this.

There was a boy named Ritul who was kind of a regular boy with regular problems and little nuances of happiness in his life which kept on coming and going on a perpetual basis.

The school was, you know, kind of a bore.

Doing homework sucked more than anything. There were fights with the rival gang of other eight-year-olds which was led by Rahul. The section C of the 3rd standard was very naughty and chaotic.

The only reason to go to school for Ritual was Vivek and Ananya who were kind of his best friends. It was only with them that he enjoyed. With rest, he just tried and went with the flow.

However, this story is not about his school or about his not liking doing homework or about the rival gang of little monsters or anything of that sort.

Rather it is about that one day, that one hour or maybe those few minutes of an hour which changed something in him.

Ignited something.

A Question.

A simple one.

What happened that one-day Ritul’s family was invited by his aunt for lunch and being only 8 years old Ritul was very excited to meet her aunt. So, he put on his best clothes.

He even told his mother to spray some of her deodorant on him for the sake of smelling good.

You know he wanted to make a good impression.

And then after a few minutes they were on their way to his aunt’s house.

However, there was a lot of traffic on the way. And they had to stop at several red lights.

And it is on one of those red lights that Ritul saw a girl.

She was about his age. An eight-year-old.

However, on the signal, she was doing something abnormal. She waited for the light to go red and then as it turned red she went in front of the people – sitting on their bikes and in their vehicles.

And then she started flipping upon the hard and scorching concrete road. And after a few flips, she would come to the people and ask for money.

Seeing this he asked his mother that what she was doing?

“Oh these people are like that Ritul”, said his mother. It is their begging style.

“But why is she begging?, Doesn’t she have her parents with her?”

“Apparently yes but it must be they who would have told her to do so.” replied she.

“But why?” Asked a flummoxed Ritul.

“Because they cannot afford her to go to school and they are also illiterate themselves and cannot earn a living as well owing to the same fact. Hence they are left with only the option of begging around and due to which their kids also share the same fate.”

“Oh…but that’s not fair said Ritul.”

“That is how life is sometimes Ritul.” replied she. “Anyways, don’t think about this now. See we have almost reached our destination.”

“Your aunt has made the pulao you like.” said she to change the topic.

But Ritul couldn’t take out that scene from his mind.

How could a child of his own age beg like that. And that too in such heat. The sun was unforgiving in Indian summers.

This was not right. But what could he do about that?

He was just an eight year old.

The End

Can You Do Something?

All the people who are doing well in their lives. And here I mostly mean people who are above average when it comes to the financial aspect of life.

Please understand that God has chosen you.

Nature has chosen you and put you there. Yes, right there on that comfortable position where perhaps you are experiencing the riches of life.

You have that iPhone, that good car, that good house.

So, after you satisfy yourself then it is your moral duty to look for those who cannot.

Like the girl of this simple and boring story.

It is up to you guys who are doing very well in life to think about the world. Because you can do it better than most of the people.

Maybe you will say that everybody can do their bit.

Yes, it is right but what I can do is quite non-comprehensive when it comes to what people like Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg can do.

You have the power. You are the next world leaders. Something has to be done to eradicate poverty. Something has to be done by all of us to eradicate illiteracy.

There is no bad in first satisfying yourselves but then, the world needs people like you who can actually make a difference on a large scale.

Some good examples of such people are Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Michael Dell, James Simons and there are many more.

They are doing what they can. You and I must too.


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