The Year Of 2095- A Science Fiction Novel


2095: 95th year of the 21st century. 5 more years to go by and we were to be stepping in the 22nd century which seemed to be extremely promising according to the top-notch industrialists, scientists and entrepreneurs. They had predicted that the coming time would take the human race above the heights of success it could ever have imagined in its’ dreams but no one would have thought that this year was going to prove to be the darkest of the years’ human race could ever witness. As this was the unfortunate year in which mother earth witnessed her fate amidst the war of humans and the unknown. A war sparked because of a secret which was buried deep inside earth’s crust, a secret which wasn’t meant to be revealed, was kept hidden from humans, unfortunately by humans…



In the vast sky assemblage of thick gigantic dusky clouds was forming a divine scene with bright rays of sunlight be falling upon them and piercing the loop holes of the clouds like ardent rays of hope these very rays fell on the vast ocean like a touch of masterstroke by an artist to make his painting more lively, making the scene god like as if the supreme being himself had painted it on the canvas like sky, beautiful and serene it was and seeing it, it was hard to believe that down on the Earth’s crust and in vast oceans, in huge forests which seemed to be so tranquil from outside there could be a vivid range of diversity of life to such hugely enormous extents nurtured by nature. But the serenity of this pious scene wasn’t meant to last long and was broken by a sudden exploding sound loud and vibrating enough that for a second the sky seemed to struck by lightning itself, as if it had cracked open and within a fraction of a second a small winged less aircraft could be seen falling down simultaneously followed by its own shards, perhaps they were the scraps of its wings, at a great speed cutting the air making extreme noise mixed with the noise of sharp flames which were all around its fuselage. From a considerable distance it seemed that it was not a plane but a meteorite which had entered the atmosphere of our planet and now due to gravity was losing its altitude at ferocious velocity from the sky, piercing the huge dark clouds from above it was heading straight 15,000 feet deep down towards the giant and cruel ocean and with its losing altitude it was also leaving a spiral and twisted trail of black smoke mixed with bright sparks behind it and within all this mess a human figure could be seen in the aircraft’s cockpit struggling with both his legs stuck in the complex web of wires and cables but his every single vigorous effort was going in vain. The plane crashed upon the cruel ocean making a giant crater and rolling of enormous amounts water upwards which almost instantly healed itself with itself and within a few minutes of this drastic event only burned remains of the craft could be seen floating on the rolling water. The man who was supposed to not to come up alive made it alive to the surface of the ocean as if some entity had pushed the unconscious body upwards. His directionless body came and settled on the shore of a nearby small island only after a few minutes of directionless drifting as if some external force had guided it through. Somehow he had survived the non-survivable impact and somehow his body had managed to find an island for itself. His scraped body was covered with nothing but blood which was constantly mixing with the soft thrust of ripples and was colouring the water red. The man’s body clearly showed the impact of the vigorous crash with major burns, cuts, and bruises. He was alive as his breath was there in his body although flickering but yes, it was flickering with life, in spite of his physical condition which didn’t allow him to live much longer. It was for sure that his soul will leave its body now any moment. Considering his physical state he should have died with the impact itself. It was not more than a miracle that he was still breathing. Suddenly his eyes opened just for a second and in that moment of a second he saw the enormously giant sky, he felt the heaviness of water droplets on his eyelids, the dusky clouds, the radiant rays blessing his heavily bruised body. The whatsoever warmth of the sun proved to be a blissful experience for him in his current mauled state. He felt the texture of the soft damp sand lying beneath him, pressed a little inward due to his weight. This moment, probably his last one converted itself into a nightmare as he was now experiencing a quavering fit and as a result of it his limbs loosened involuntarily. Now his subconscious mind was at work which released some thoughts of his past and most importantly of the past six months of his life which had tossed his life upside down and had turned it into a living hell and was responsible for his current state. These very thoughts converted into images in his mind (as they say that in our last moments, our life flashes by before our eyes) as if it was a dream, a dream, the origin of which was a reality from where it had all started…



A few months earlier…

India, the country which saw its’ significant rise from 2035 became the world power by the year 2060 beating the tough competition though slowly and steadily but effectively and the rise ironically was triggered by the mass destruction both of life and infrastructure caused by consequent chains of high-intensity category 5 typhoons and earthquakes measuring up to 12.5 at Richter scale. Seismic retrofitting and other modern precautions like earthquake engineering had already failed in front of nature’s immense power. In the past, a few decades earlier, scientists had predicted about major catastrophic events, which would be occurring around 2050 but they stated their presence much earlier: a decade before. India along with every single country in the eastern hemisphere had become exposed to these natural cataclysmic events which stated their presence at regular intervals of time ranging from every 6-8 months. People were not able to start afresh when the catastrophe would come again swiping all the previous hard work. The whole of eastern hemisphere including our country was in great danger and was literally defenceless and every time hundreds of thousands of lives washed away, just like that as if it took nothing more than a mere snap of fingers for nature to create havoc of lifetimes. These natural drastic events, according to the researched reports of UGC (United Geological Corporation) occurred due to shifting of tectonic plates at frequent intervals, they were becoming a little unstable and these events were just the manufactured by-products of that phenomenon. ‘But the crust of our planet is not going down so don’t worry, have faith’ had said the chief of UGC in an interview in his usual serious tone to give something to people to cling upon, which was frequently recorded after the happening of these events.

Panic, chaos was everywhere.

An All Nations conference, in which all the Tech Giants representing their countries participated, too was conducted to bring out any solution regarding this and it was the result of this global conference that Turbo Tech Corp was able to present an idea called the Web-based technology called SMCI (Smart Mechanically Controlled Infrastructure) a mechanism which literally proved as a lifesaver for our country and for others as well and simultaneously proved to be a hell of a fortune for its creators. ‘This mechanism is nothing but a copy of a spider web, a contractable spider web’ this statement was given by Mr.Rawat Ahuja in an interview regarding their story of success in the aftermath scheme of things on being asked that how did they get the idea of building this incredible infrastructure.

In it, the cities were divided into provinces according to the area of the city and each province whether it was Province 1A, 2B or all the way up to 26Z were built according to the pattern of spider web and the threads of the web acted as contract able flyovers, freeways, highways, roads and further narrowing down into lanes and streets and each block of the web acted as a society. The smallest of the blocks was packed with 2 million people and this was due to the population growing at a faster rate. In the centre of every web, there was a dome-like structure, a gigantic semi-circle (towers too in many webs) rising from the earth made of polished glass which when shined due to sunlight made it an extremely delightful scenario to watch. This dome which was also the headquarters for UGC for every particular web was responsible for protecting it as well. In case when the web was to be hit by a typhoon, floods, earthquakes or even lightning which was known beforehand using accurate pieces of equipment as all these events were becoming more common with the passing days, UGC activated the Emergency Protocol, owing to which sirens hooted in the entire city and people were told to stay wherever they were and the province along with its neighbours, if the nature was to hit them too,  started contracting towards the centre; all the roads, highways, freeways acted as threads to connect the intricate structure but this time in a more literal sense or manner. All the bridges cutting the rivers, lakes contracted and folded over to make the necessary space which was in turn used for contracting the whole province joining all the blocks of the web with each other making it firm and rigid and when all the blocks were in their places eliminating the means to travel or were in unity zone which was what it was termed, then the whole web was automatically covered with lithen-tinium walls which were made of a glass-like metal discovered in the early 2040’s. It rose from the abyss and all the way up to some hundred meters and then automatically spreading to cover the top making it a roof, a giant home. To apply this system had taken years of planning, hard work and organization and the drastic events which occurred in between made it even worse to complete it but the hard efforts and the end result were worth taking the risks again and again and had ultimately paid off. Man, now had the power to stand against nature’s all because of SMCI and the company which had developed this mechanism was celebrating its platinum jubilee and had organized an expo for the public as well as media to provide a peep into the coming future which sure as heaven looked promising at least, in theory.


20 minutes left, echoed the gentle metallic voice in the massive hall situated on the 4th level of the giant facility to remind people of the time left for the expo to end. The hall was completely packed with flashes of lights and hundreds of people as it was the last day of the 7-day long expo which had created quite a buzz not just in national but in the global market as well. There were many concept inventions of Turbo Tech and other Tech giants as well whom the C.E.O of the company Mr Rawat had invited. They were all regarding future like future cars, future infrastructure, communication and all sorts of other mechanisms signifying the good times of the coming day and age. After a few minutes, the metallic voice again echoed cutting the noises of the people making an announcement, ‘We hope that you are delighted to experience the inventions both concept ones and others which will be launched soon. All the media persons are requested not to leave the premises after the expo as there is a conference which would be held in the garden area of our company’s facility and we hope to see you there.’

This sudden announcement was enough to create a wave of curiosity in all the professionals present there, and from that point they only wanted the expo to come to its end, as, a surprise conference by the world’s richest tech company meant only one thing; that something big was on its way.

After the conference, everyone assembled and settled with their all sorts of snouted cameras and other equipment in the garden area. To their surprise the garden area was not anywhere on the ground or lower levels but was attached to the left underside of the upper dash of the giant building because of which the structure looked like a giant T, this rectangular glass structure (the garden area) was confined and intact with massive black metallic girdles through which one could notice the fact that dusk already had started conquering the skyline and it was beautiful. This elegant rectangular structure was connected with the main building through an equally elegant passageway which was more like a bridge made of the same transparent hard glass and a person walking in it to reach any of either sides could see the breathtaking view of the enormous city as if beyond a certain point the city and the skyline was one and the same. According to its owner, Mr.Rawat, this piece of brilliant architecture and engineering could be called a sort of greenhouse garden which was spreading up to 150-200 meters in length equipped with screening installations, heating, cooling and lighting facilities controlled by an automated computer to maximize and limit the growth of trees and plants inside it. It was filled with greenery ranging from all sorts of flowers like roses, tulips and even trees decorated precisely leaving enough space (in which this conference was about to happen) so that one could spend hours just staring at the beauty of it, making it a creatively well-lit place. To add this was the idea of Mr.Rawat himself as when anytime he himself was depressed or tensed about something whether it be decisions, relationships he came & spent his much valuable time in this magnificent garden. As according to him it was better to relax and open up one’s mind from stress, anxiety, and tension by using nature as a stimulus rather than going for hard drinks and every other sort of health deteriorating narcotics.

In this high oxygenated and incredibly fresh environment, everybody was a little confused for the thought of doing a surprise conference. The low mumbling and whispering sounds faded away as Mr.Rawat entered the place with two bodyguards on his either side. He recently had received life-threatening calls from a mafia so as an obvious precaution he had doubled his security. He was followed by the military general J.H Singh with his set of bodyguards. Everybody present there became more confused given such a weird scenario without any hint, it was intriguing as well as totally unexpected. Suddenly the light went out with a spooky sound which echoed all over the rectangular structure making the structure pitch black; the mumbling and whispering became louder as panic started to grow amid the people sitting there.

Suddenly the artificial sunlight glowed on some of the tulips in the garden at the back drawing the attention of the people followed by light on the apple trees abreast the tulips, the source of this light was the roof to which were attached some extraordinary light catching sensors which trapped the sunlight during the day and could channelize it when needed and ultimately every green area was ensured to get the light and finally it showed on Mr.Rawat. Everybody was surprised for a moment and this surprise was followed by a gentle wave of laughter as everyone knew how the C.E.O of this company was; a kind of dramatist in his work. Now the conference resembled a sort of classic gathering.

‘Ladies and gentlemen, Mr.Rawat began, ‘thank you for coming to our company’s expo ‘The Peep into the Future’ organized on the occasion of the platinum jubilee of our company, he hadn’t completed this sentence when the hall filled with enormous clapping sounds on his sentence. Our company since 2020 has participated in the mission to create the world a better place, he began as the clapping started to die, and has given many revolutionary inventions including various mechanisms, medicines which have done their bit in creating the world a better, smarter and secure place. And today, our company has called this conference to officially announce the completion of our new project and with a pause said which will mark the beginning of a new era in the history of Indian defense system (as Mr.Rawat said this sentence everybody became more intrigued about asking questions regarding this project) and before we reveal our project I would like to introduce you to our chief head analyst Mr. Aryan and his team, some brilliant minds of this century; because if it wasn’t for their efforts and passion for their work this project couldn’t be made possible at all.’ And the lights focused the group of people sitting with the army general behind the table which was made of transparent glass with VI (video imaging) software installed in it (which was to be used shortly).

‘But before revealing the project I would like to quickly brief you about it.’ ‘So, clearing his throat, he started, in this project, our company has fused two significant elements and it’s the result of this fusion that it has come to its fruitful physicality and the somewhat funny thing is that latter originated from and by the former.’ ‘Gentlemen, and again with a pause said, here we are talking about the human element and technological element, yes you heard me right, our company has fused these two elements to create XT-1000, cool name isn’t it? asked Mr. Rawat in his usual witty and humorous tone and a slight wave of smile mixed with already excited faces lit up the area. This project of ours is divided into 2 elements as I have told you just now. The first part is the human element and it consists of a serum injecting which can give the person injected enormous amounts of power which will be equivalent to 72 times more compared to an ordinary healthy human for a specific period of time. And I know that it may be sounding like one of our movies but it is true as after all movies are the mirror of the society, isn’t it so?

And the second part is of ‘TECHNOLOGY’ which consists of specially tech advanced suits of which you will get a glimpse shortly and which are stuffed with various defense and attacking mechanisms like electric punches, jet gliders and which could even take hits up to 0.50 BMG caliber bullets and with every latest technology regarding defense or attacking mechanisms you can imagine,’ said he roaming back and forth on the podium on his little ride some inches above the podium floor which ran on the power of gravity binder mechanism.

‘And after all this, you will get to shoot as many photos and videos of both our projects and play them as many times as you think appropriate on your respected channels.’

‘Coming to another important aspect of this conference, you must all be thinking that why did I chose this, said he stopping abruptly with his hands in the air as if taking pride in the garden, our own company’s garden area for such a conference which you all people didn’t even know will be taking place just a few minutes back, and that it must be something unique or different that we are having a conference here, let me tell you that though they are not unique they are reasons, two of them, the first one is and it is my personal opinion too said he squatting his long and wispy hands to his chest, that I think we all have in some way or the other have lost touch with nature, with the beautiful greenery and the magnificent blue sky in this day and age and with a pause continued in his heavy voice, this, ladies and gentlemen, was the 1st reason and my personal desire to, to do something in the old ways more like a gathering. The second one is that this conference unlike any other at least for our company is to see a little firework, live, and I didn’t see it as a good idea to burn down my own company’s main facility. So- now I will stop chattering said he amid the light wave of laughter and with a wave of his hand gestured to their right and with the snap of his fingers a thin cell sheet which was more likely a sort of stage or podium made of bright white lasers clear as crystal with a silvery metallic circumference rose in the air and the royal blue cloth was removed from it exposing the Hi-tech advanced combat ready suit which was a concoction of all the latest and the most expensive ammunition and technologies possible. ‘This thin cell, continued Mr.Rawat, although is made up of lasers, but it can hold up to 800 kgs of weight.’ The cell was in the air almost abreast the stage from where Mr.Rawat was delivering the speech and soon started to drift away in the air as the virtual suit depicting the possible outcome of the real one vanished into thin air and the giant of a window slid open to let it pass into the open sky.

‘Keep your eyes in the sky gentlemen and everyone present there was looking with their tilted heads towards the open and immense dark sky as if waiting for a miracle to happen. The empty dark space contrasted really well with the bright laser cell and suddenly a chill of panic passed through all of them as the cell suddenly fell down and after that, they saw a human figure through the open window which had jumped after it from what was a 180 storey high facility. It went so fast by what seemed to be a giant of a window. It was all a part of a stunt to create the necessary effect and announce to the world that what was coming their way was truly impactful. All of it happened so fast that some of them even didn’t get to notice that what had happened.

Oh my! Bloody hell! Good God! Everyone spat out these panicky words.

Just right then Mr.Rawat with great enthusiasm in his body language gestured his team sitting behind the VI table and on the push of a button a virtual screen flickered to life in front of the audience which was to show them the live feed of what was to happen as it was linked directly with the soldiers suit giving this setting a cinematic hall effect in the high oxygenated environment.

The people only calmed down when only Mr.Rawat told them that it was a stunt, a part of the surprise and also told them that they were in a hell of a show tonight, that it will not be going to be some boring event, where people sit, ask and go and in some rare cases crack a few jokes nowadays.

The falling figure caught up with the fast descending cell and landed on the bright cell floor with a fierce thud and it stopped right there somewhere between the height of the structure and ground (followed by an automated camera which too halted right at the spot with a jerk) all this was an absolutely perfect combination with the crisp shady sky and could be seen on the screen many meters above in the glass structure located above. After recovering, the man bowed in front of the audience (practically there was no one) and was applauded for his life risking stunt inside the rectangular garden. The person was wearing a head gear: a metal helmet and attached to it was a smart glass which acted as a zooming camera, had an infrared thermal camera to see in the dark and could be used in calculating the energy fields wrapped around one’s body. It could even tell if the enemy was stronger or weaker, and a precise uniform not ordinary but more like a suit made of flexible metal: both its arm constituted of electric punches, had a glider behind its back attached to which was a cudgel which could be turned into a shaft and this shaft consisted of two modes: electric and heat mode and both were deadly enough for the enemy as the former could electrify the enemy to death and the latter could slice the enemy, obviously, to death.

‘Ladies and gentlemen’ continued Mr.Rawat up in the structure, this is the first feature you saw or more likely experienced of this suit that it can’t let get hurt the person wearing it no matter from what height he or she falls or on what angle he/she falls as it has been made with the toughest and most robust yet the lightest and flexible material of this day and age developed by our company, and as I am using the reference of he and she, so yes this will be available for  both the sexes. Continuing he said, on the contrary this suit has the capacity to store that energy of that thrust or jerk and reserve it for emergency situations and when required can even channelize the same stored energy which was to destroy it in the first place to any other feature of this suit through KEF (kinetic energy flow) and by the way for all the female girls and women present here, the guy in that suit who is an army man is hot, said Mr.Rawat completely veering off the topic with his right hand on the other side of his face as if telling a secret so better watch out and stay focused in his entertaining tone. The army man, who was also connected with the speaker, in the suit moved his head up in the screen gesturing to Mr Rawat as if thinking, why are you being so hysterical buddy, I think excited about your project which is natural I guess.


The other part is and he simply pointed to his right in the opposite direction but they could only see another laser cell rising which stopped only when it attained a height from where everybody could now see it, but this one was a small one, much smaller than its twin and people observed that on it was kept a weird kind of metal container from which sprouted a small transparent empty capsule which continuously rose in the air till it could be seen by everybody considering its’ small size. ‘This container has been specially made for containing and storing this serum and for all your information this small capsule is not empty, it’s looking empty but it is not, it’s just that its colour is transparent like water, he told the audience.’

He then signalled something turning a little back from the mike and an employee who was perhaps an expert with electronic equipment came with a pair of metal arms with him and on the spot, Mr.Rawat wore those metal arms with the help of his employee. The arms were connected to each other with sensors and after wearing them precisely with all precautions he asked, ‘cool aren’t they?’ from the audience and echo of everybody’s gentle smile took over the place all again. This is what I call a hell of a presentation, he said in a low voice to himself on the stage itself. He placed both his hands on both of the elements (holographic images of suit and serum) and took his hands off almost stumbling with them and both the virtual images of both the suit and the serum with some flickering virtual ambers came in his hands and he mixed them by clapping of his hands swaying the audience a little back on their seats followed by a bang sound which echoed in the air for a few seconds. Gentlemen, now his face turning serious, I am here right now holding, perhaps one of the key parts of our country’s would be defense mechanism and with this pushing the mixture up in the air like a trophy he continued, we, our country, enters the mark, the mark of beginning of a new era. Now after the grand entry lets show you what this suit is made for and what is it capable of. The VI (video imaging) processor which was attached to the glass table of the scientist panel flickered on and a bigger and brighter screen showed up between the audience and Mr.Rawat and his team in which the soldier was standing right in the middle of the arena.

The army man frequently turned his neck left and right with a jerk as if to show he was ready. Walls of white laser sheets were raised as the part of the process making it a ring for the bout, completely closed from every side. From the opposite diagonal ends of the cell, the virtual fighters were ready after the quick buffering to test the calibre of the suit. The virtual fighters were made of red flickering lasers, each approximately 7 feet tall made of small lines connected with each other making a very intricate pattern as if these lines were the veins and arteries of them, they sprinted the little distance towards X-72 (the soldier) from the opposite directions and he standing right in the middle, alert with his cudgel already in the bright thunder mode like the Zeus himself ready to strike now any second. One of the fighters clutched its’ hands together lifted them in the air, its’ virtual muscles tightening with its’ vigorous strength which was what the software allowed, to hit X-72 on his head but he dodged it by squatting and rolling to his right and showing his agility skills quickly immersed the cudgel into its stomach twisting the cudgel like a blade and the giant and horrifying image scattered with a blast in the air, thrust of which could be seen on the virtual transparent walls in the form of mild ripples. The second virtual fighter taking advantage of X-72’s business with its colleague punched him hard on the back of his head due to which’s impact X-72 fell on the floor with a vigorous thud and giving him no time to recover took him by both its hands and lifted him in the air clutching his groin and head gear. The soldier using his ability turned on his jet-glider through voice command and using just a gentle thrust of the glider broke away from its clutches and flipped in the air to land onto the laser cell with a back flip and fired a T-chip bomb simultaneously on the image as he was in the air and by the time he secured a safe landing, the virtual fighter had already blasted into the thin air leaving only red embers of its 7 feet body.

That was not so hard muttered Mr.Rawat seeing the whole thing on the screen when a metallic voice announced ‘Proceeding to next level’ in the garden many meters above.

The oval-like machine which was all the time close by the scene ascended up and after reaching many meters in height released or we should say threw 2 more chips larger in size down at the cell and by the time they reached down they had converted into heavy and horrifying monsters. This time the virtual warriors which came out of the process of buffering were more electrified showing more power and intensity, their circumstances were constantly flickering as if they were made of electricity and they were about a foot and a half taller than previous ones and wore virtual suits almost same as the soldier’s and they too had a cudgel ready in their giant hands.

X-72 turned on his glider via voice command and shot himself up in the air firing T-6 low-intensity bombs like bullets upon them releasing from the thrower attached to his right arm but both of them dodged them either by twisting and swirling in the air or by using their shafts to deflect the bombs which blasted in the air, wasted. One of the fighters raised its speed and came downwards at a faster rate and as both of them were about to collide the virtual-fighter shoved the soldier right across his head with its shaft due to which’s impact he stumbled and would have crashed if it wasn’t for the powerful thrust of the glider which didn’t let him fall but just decreased him a few storey’s down. They didn’t give him time to struggle up again in the air as the v-fighter who had just hit X-72 took him down by crashing itself on to him and gripped him with its strong arms and released him just a few feet above from the cell and after some flips in the air the soldier crashed right in the middle of the cell on his face followed by the immensely powerful landing of both the virtual fighters behind him and in front of him. This time both of the virtual warriors gave him time to recover and stand up on his feet and as he stood up one of them frequently crouched and pulled his right leg towards itself making him trip on his back (as if playing with him) and clutching his leg and groin one of them whirled him on the transparent wall which flickered with the suit’s impact. As the soldier was recovering they both came sprinting and jumped on his front and back side together and he almost standing between them taking support from the bright laser shaft of his. The virtual warrior who was in front of him tried to bust his head off by delivering a punch from his left side but he quickly dodged it by crouching and it rather hitting the soldier accidentally connected on its colleague’s face and it in no time scattered away in the air. Taking advantage of this situation the soldier who was crouched turned his electric punch system on and getting up punched him hard and with a fuse which could be seen in the chamber the image scattered and the chip because of which they were sort of alive or activated fell on the virtual floor and blasted away.

‘Proceeding to the final level’ echoed the metallic voice in the glass structure. Everybody was quiet as if in a theatre, watching the action scenes of a movie in front of them.

This time what came startled the media as they saw 2 virtual automated aircrafts which were the size of a small car coming down at a great speed, their aim the soldier wearing the suit. He ignited his glider on the command of his voice and took off equally at the same vigorous speed to scatter them too. This scene produced a great rush of adrenaline in their veins who were watching it. The soldier was constantly firing his T-6 chipset bombs upon them and as he was coming closer to their range too they were also firing at him but they successfully and constantly were dodging his attacks and he dodging theirs but almost stumbling within every few feet. He took out his cudgel in and made it into a 5 feet long shaft with a touch of a button flickering radiant electricity as his T-6 chip bombs had run out, its’ edge had enough caliber to slice the toughest metals on earth like butter let away just a virtual image and like a warrior from the heavens he charged at the aircrafts. He successfully sliced the entire fuselage of the aircraft from its downside front to all the way up to its tail and before it’s 2 almost equal pieces could fall on the cell’s floor it blasted into the air and only a few left over sparks of the blast could make to the floor. After cutting the 1st aircraft he headed for the second one but it took him down by crashing itself upon him and he rather getting free from the constantly descending aircraft clutched more tightly to the wing on which he was stuck and immersed the shaft turning it to the heat mode in the engine of the image and came down crashing it on the floor of the cell and with a boom it too disappeared.

‘The Three Level Caliber Test Successfully Completed’ announced the metallic voice. Suddenly a small flying machine like a U.F.O came and scanned him from top to bottom and announced ‘vital signs still intact with minimum damages’ to the media which could see all this on the screen and the whole crowd stood up and applauded for giving them quite an action show rather than just the project.

After a break of 15 minutes in which an announcement was made that Mr. Aryan who was the chief head analyst of the project had left the conference in between due to some personal reasons and now only Mr.Rawat alone will be tackling the questions and when everyone became settled in their places, the journey of Q & A began

Q1. In an interview with the ‘Business in Future’ (top notch tech magazine) you said that your company is planning to recommence the project ‘Tube in Time’. Is it true?

Mr.Rawat: Yeah, I remember it, I said that and in fact, we have even started working on it but seeing our past failures regarding that project. I think it is too early to talk about or make any comment. So let’s focus on the current situation.

Q2. Sir, we were all hearing some weird rumors that your company has discovered some alien element and you even have tried to use it or have used it already in this or any other project of yours and you are concealing that fact from the world. So my question is, is it true? And if not what you would like to say about these things, will they harm your company or is it just a publicity stunt?

Rawat: First of all, there is no alien element we have discovered, whatsoever. Man, where do you people hear all this shit? I mean, how… like seriously do you think that a company like ours will require these petty publicity stunts. We are in the business since almost 7 decades now my grandfather started this company and for our project XT-1000 we have continuously worked our asses off just to make that serum and ultimately found ‘‘HYDROPERAFORA’’ a special species of healing Ayurvedic plant and did lots of cross breeding of cells, genetics and what not and ultimately prepared that serum organically. Now don’t ask me the process of its extraction and stuff like that, I know you are mature enough but still, I am telling you beforehand.

Q3. What do you want to achieve through this project? I mean according to your vision how do you see that what will be its impact globally?

Rawat: (straightly as if he was waiting for this question to come up) It will contribute to achieving world peace (Everybody laughed)

Q4. (By the same person) But by giving the world umpteen products which have the potential to create carnage and are a threat to society as a whole how can you even say that there will be peace at the global level?

Rawat: That’s the game dear, that’s the trick, in this day and age when everybody is hungry for so much power you give them enough toys to satisfy their hunger for war but still no one will even so much as try to attack or conquer each other. Guess why? Because of fear. In this time, fear, positive fear is the key which acts as a shield and prevents war because everyone is almost equally powerful. No one is weak at least in terms of the militia. Every country has all the latest arsenal, weapon mechanics and who made them powerful, ‘pointing to himself’ said ‘company’s like us’ in a manner as if he had hit a home run.

Q5. (By another person)  But that’s just a theory or a perspective?

Rawat: yes, for that, then everything is perspective, continued he turning his head in that voice’s direction but what is the truth, this is the truth said he creating a graphic image of his company out of the table using his Graphics module chipset people like us are the truth who have secured world peace. We are the balance between perspective and truth and if this balance trips the world will be at war and will eat itself up. Fear is the glue which binds our planet and prevents it from the war in this day and age. So, fear shall be provided.

Q6. Was the man in the suit injected with the serum?

Rawat: No it was just the suit itself. It was the first feature that I told you all that helped him from jumping till defeating the virtuals that it has the capability of storing the energy of thrust that’s why the man even on jumping from 180 of levels landed safely on the cell’s floor and was able to stand on his feet and was combat ready.

Q7. So, can it also convert the energy of say like bullets if being shot at it and use it against its opponent?

Rawat: No, it is not designed like this but your question just gave me the idea and I will try to add that feature too to it.

Q8. Tell us something more about serum XT-1000?

Rawat: It will increase the power of a person up to 72% times of his normal health efficiency and will increase the power of brain which in turn will improve all the senses controlled by this magnificent thing in our head said he pointing towards it with his right hand but for only 12 hours. It’s not that you will have power for lifelong so as not to help the injected person feel like a god or something and turn against us, this decision we took after many arguments within our board of directors. However, one can take regular doses of it at regular intervals of time to maintain the power loop.

Q9. (Offensively as if to provoke) no offense, your army man got his ass kicked, he didn’t match up to their level. What is your take on that?

Rawat: Do you know how much powerful those images were, they were powered by the 2 terra byte of 2 cycle core processor which is one of the most powerful processors our company has and he beat that. Now even those other companies could even so much as touch this mark, tell me I will back off and let them have the deal with the government.

And after this last question and a closing speech by army general J.H. Singh about how this project will help the nation and will open the golden gates of peace for it the conference came to its deserving successful end.


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