These Truths About Life Will Help You Realize That You Are Not Alone


Do you also feel that sometimes life is a joy ride and sometimes it is just a pain to bear?

If you think so, then maybe you are not alone! Yeah, that’s a true story. Just about anybody no matter how incredibly rich they are and no matter how luxurious their lifestyle is; also go through their part of twists and turns in life.

That is how it is! And it is time that you prepare yourself for some harsh but distinctively true realities about life.

#1. In Life, You Don’t Always Get What You Want


That’s a true story, in life you won’t taste success every time and neither you are going to hit the rock bottom every time as well while coming across some project or anything else which is of great value and importance to you.

You need to learn to have some patience and try and grow with every fault and with every achievement as well on your journey.

 #2. You Can’t Give 100% All The Time (And that’s okay)


In life, you won’t be able to give your 100% all the time.

The sooner you get on with this in life the better. You need to accept the fact that there will always be someone better than you and someone who won’t be.

Everyone is going through their own journey and timelines.

It is okay to be at your own pace and keep the faith that in time you will achieve what you want.

And in that case persistence in the right direction with the right mindset is the key.  (However, it is quite difficult but is doable) Good luck with that!

#3. Reality Comes First


It is quite important to see the bigger picture in front of you. And it is only with the right vision that you would be able to do that.

Things aren’t always like those movies in life where the protagonist does hard work (only for a minute or two) in the movie and achieves his biggest of dreams beating down his fears at the same time.

In reality, it takes time. A lot of! And that’s an interesting truth about life.

#4. Finding Your Path


Yeah, that is quite an important one. You need not necessarily copy others when it comes to finding success.

What worked for someone else in the year so and so may not work for you in the present year.

It is quite imperative to understand that at that particular time when what worked (hilariously well) for someone else also had an impression of external factors like the right situations, grace, being at the right place at the right time.

And right now those conditions might not be there for you! Things work out differently for everyone and they will work for you too. (at some point or the other)

You don’t need to aspire to become the next Bill Gates or Steve Jobs but yeah you need to be at your best (financially, socially and mentally)

#5. Going Up & Down Is The Part Of The Game


At some point in life, you would be at your best in just about all the areas of life’s functionality and maybe now that was a few years ago for you. And today the scene is quite different. Or vice versa!

It is hard, but the sooner you get to terms with this the better.

#6.  Being Ethical In Life


Being ethical is the one factor which might just save you from doing some really nasty stuff (which you may want to do as and when the kind of situation arrives)

It truly does help because in the end if you are not true to what you are doing and stand for then in end it is not worth it.

#7. It Is Not Always About The Money (It can’t be)


You know why? Because you are an organic machine with organic wiring (a lot of) and you are an emotional and social being.

Being practical and rational in life is good but I don’t think that anyone can do that or be in that role mentally always.

Emotions will (at some point or the other) definitely creep in and that is just okay. So, don’t make yourself miserable.

#8. Have A Goal In Life


Having a goal or a purpose will definitely help you create a great life with harmony and balance as its key ingredients.

Doing something which you deem fit and reasonable worth doing is an achievement in itself because there are a lot of people out there who are doing things just for the sake of money (which is not bad either) but they hate what they are doing and are a lot more stressed as compared to the people who somewhat have a liking towards what they do and are involved in.

#9. Other People’s Opinion (Do they matter)


The truth is that sometimes it will and sometimes it won’t.

How you see things will help you come over it. However, it is not an easy mindset to come to terms with but it will definitely help you if you could connect with it on a fine scheme of things.

#10. Can You Control Everything In Life?

So, take a deep breath and let it be!

I don’t need to explain this one. You already know the answer.


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