Oh Okay, So Here is the list of Things you can Control in Life and Be a Happier You

June 5, 2020

Focus on what you can control rather than what you cannot

What the above quote says is actually very true for many of us.

I mean we have to agree that life can throw a lot of variables towards you and out of them, it is up to you what you choose and make out of it.

Because there will always be things you can control in life and there will also be a lot of things which you cannot.

The crack between them is precisely where you will find your happiness.

So, let us try and discover what are the things you can control in life and be a bit more content, a bit more happy.

Okay, maybe this was a tough one to start out with

Hmmm… this is something you can control in your life

How honest you have been till now in life?

Controlling your perspective can set you free from a lot of negativity

Fairly easy to control

Kindness is always worth it in the end

You should be in absolute and full control of this

The sooner you get hold of it, the better

Can you feel it now? I bet you don’t. Why are humans so thankless?

I hope you would have find this a bit interesting. Anyhow, if you want to add on to the list of things you can control in your life, then feel free to comment, share and discuss this with your friends and colleagues.


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