Top 10 Aspects Of Staying Motivated (Most Of The Time)


Do you feel motivated all the time?

I guess no, you don’t! But you want to! Right?

If that is the case with you then don’t worry because just about everyone on the planet including the most energetic people who people look up to and want to be like them also go through the low’s in their lives and somewhere or the other wants to give their best and stay motivated all the time.

And that is just okay! It’s no big deal to be sometimes in a low zone.

I mean it is humanly impossible to feel fresh and bursting with energy throughout your life.

However, being a human we can do certain things and indulge in them to channelize our energies to lead fulfilling lives.

Because someone has rightly said ‘‘ Where Focus Goes, Energy Flows’’

#1. Happiness


Who doesn’t want to be happy all the time?

But that is just an elusive concept. The one thing which you need to understand about happiness is that it springs from within.

And the most negative thing which people do is that…

They depend on others for their happiness which is just a not so amazing thing to do. Because they will disappoint you every time. Yeah, every single time.

So, learn to keep yourselves happy & motivated!

How? We’ll are just about to find it out.

#2. Find Purpose

Yeah, find something worth doing in your life and this should be irrespective of money.

What I mean by that is that you should not be doing just this one thing for the sake of money only.

This is the kind of thing which should satisfy you from within. And it will help you achieve everything you want from life.

#3. Goal


Set goals! Yeah, I know that you must have heard this innumerable times before as well. But I say why not one more time?

However, you should set your life goals taking rationality into account. They can be minor chunks of things which could boost your confidence towards a higher purpose.

You just don’t have to set your goal on getting a Mercedes or BMW all the time!

#4. Thinking Positive Will Help You Motivate Yourself


It is easy said than done.

Because our mind is a complex bunch of negative thoughts!

But you can try. Try and be positive about life. Remember that everyone around you is also going through some difficulty in life and the rich are also not happy. The poor are also not happy. So, you are on neutral ground.

Live life. Just try.

#5. Always Smile


Again it is easy to say but it is worth the effort. I read somewhere (however, I am not sure if it is true) that when we smile, our brain tends to think that we are happy.

Anyway, it is not a bad thing to indulge yourself in.

And other than that it does have scientific health benefits like longer life, stress relief, improved immune system.

It is one of the most simple ways to motivate yourself.

#6. Positive Music Will Help You Motivate Yourself

Trust me. It will do wonders. Listen to as much positive music, mantras and chanting as you can.

If not actually then at least psychologically it can help you achieve your goals. And this will definitely be increasing your motivation immediately.

#7. Initiate Your Thinking


Do what you have in your mind. Apply your ideas. Start small.

Then make it big. Only you stop yourself. The point is to implement your thought process and actually harness its profits.

No one is telling you to start an apple or Google.

Neither the point is to necessarily do your own thing or start your own entrepreneurial venture.

It is just that, try to do the best with whatever God has given you. Perhaps it is the best motivational tip for achieving success.

#8. Don’t Give Up

Ok maybe, the image says it all here! 

Take rest. Leave for a time. But don’t halt completely.

#9. Remove Distractions


It is ok to have distractions in your life both positive (work, goals) and negative ones (alcohol, pass-time friends) but in the end, do take some time for just yourself to maybe contemplate alone about life and where do you stand financially, socially, emotionally and take small efforts to improve it at the best rate and possibility to which you can.

#10. It is a Life Long Process


Always remember that it is indeed a life-long process to stay motivated, inspired and happy in life.

And no weekday spiritual discourse or video course can cure it for you.

They do help I bet, but in the end, you have to take your own responsibility. It is the key to lead an inspirational life.

Good Luck! (To me too :-))


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