Top 8 Things To Know About SEO & [Digital Marketing]

We all know that in a few more years, it wouldn’t be surprising if we see AI taking over.

And in a way, all the revolution which is currently going on in the tech sector is already boosting the use of Artificial Intelligence somewhere or the other.

Cortana, Apple IOS and the most recent one which is the first AI-based robot Sophia is already garnering many positive as well as up to some extent unusually shocking reviews in the world media. She even came to INDIA!

So, you must be wondering that what’s the role of SEO and digital marketing in all this? And if you are thinking this, then somewhere you are wrong.

Because thanks to Google as it has developed so strong a network of communication and technology on this planet that one can practically find anything in the world anywhere.


So, to understand the use of digital marketing & SEO let’s just take a daily life example.

Let’s just say that your brother’s wedding is on the verge and you want the best lehnga or the best two-piece or three-piece suit for the occasion and for your convenience you search it on Google.

‘‘Best Lehnga in Chandi Chowk’’ or ‘‘Raymond suit Chandni chowk’’, perhaps this is what you type and keep in mind that these two will be considered as the keywords which are important for SEO practices!

The first displays which you get are either due to the ads (you will find that it will be written there on the left corner, the word AD) or if not then they are because of the organic results which are due to SEO which is also known as search engine optimization!

And that is what we are gonna talk about.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is a very significant part of your SEO and it is equally important for your business.

Knowing the right keyword and working with them will be offering you with a great advantage in economic terms.

It is quite simple and we can actually understand it through this example: that you won’t search apple iPhone if you want an Apple iPod.

The keyword which the customer types on Google and the fact that you sell that particular product is the key for generating leads and converting them into stable clients which will be increasing your growth offering you with more and more relevant business opportunities.

Google Adwords is a basic (or maybe not) yet quite an effective tool for keyword research and planning, so if you don’t have an Adword account then go make one!

Google Algorithm’s

I am not saying that you must become a developer or some tech engineer but understanding Google AlgorIthm’s and the changes which it occasionally throws out can really help you in magnifying your business.

For example, if you use duplicate content on your site then Google crawlers or bots will be creating a problem for you harbouring you in getting a high rank on the internet.

Google only gets happy when the user posts original, fresh and unique content on the website which will be good for your organic SEM.


Talking about the crawlers they are the bots which are like undaunting little sheriffs which are just about everywhere on the internet and Google has bestowed upon them the responsibility of checking and auditing fresh content and informing Google (THE GODFATHER) about it.

So, having some information about them and knowing how to tackle them will really be helping you.

On Page Optimization

Having a strong on-page optimization will really help you in outranking your partners.

Now, it’s like that you need to work 55-60% on the on-page SEO and the remaining probability on the off-page SEO creating backlinks (do follow & no follow) Internal linking, curating fresh content, the opening or loading time of your website and how does it look are a few basic factors which come under on page SEO practices.

Off Page SEO Optimization 

For off-page optimization what you can fundamentally do is that you can write guest blogs, do blog commenting, register on PR sites with strong DA authority and pitch them to other websites related to your specific business.

For example, if you are an online travel agency or are a franchise networking business then pitching and writing for people who are related to your genre of work and their uploading your work (the blog) will really enhance your internet presence and giving you a strong hold on market.

It’s a slow process and nothing will be happening overnight! You must remember that!

CPC – Cost Per Click

If you are entering the domains and gates of Digital Marketing then you must get comfortable with terms like CPC, CPM, CPA, CPI and there are many endless technical terms.

So, let’s just try to understand this in the most simple terms COST PER CLICK. It is the amount which a website (Google for example to relate this in an easy way) will be getting on per click by you the advertiser who will be paying Google so that the ad of your product comes on the first page and on the first rank itself.

And the amount which you, my advertiser friend pays will is calculated through a bidding process or a formula in which you CPI is divided by CTR. You know what?

We don’t need to get into all this right now! For now, the basic thing is enough I guess so as this doesn’t get more complicated!

 White Hat SEO

White Hat SEO practices can be understood as the white magic which you learn and practice to garner more internet presence and making more profits.

However, it is to be understood that it is a long-term process and takes a certain sense of perpetuation for a long time to get effective and workable results. Writing fresh content, making the right strategies according to the targeted audience are examples of white hat SEO.

 Black Hat SEO

Has black magic done any good to anyone ever?

At least, in the end! No, not even in Hollywood movies.

Black Hat SEO practices are somewhat like that. It may seem that they are helping you in getting what you want but in the long run, they are heavily depreciating.

A simple example of Black Hat SEO would be to insert keywords like #hotgirls #sexyimages on your post which is perhaps related to some franchise business model.

Taking the support of wrong keywords like this is not a cool thing to do. Believe me!

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