Top Three SEO Mistakes To Avoid

As we all know that SEO nowadays is one of the most important factors which makes your website or blog rank high on Google which in turn helps the marketer in a high rate of conversions for his or her business.

And for a strong SEO it is necessary to remember that it is a long-term process and nothing is going to happen overnight; at least if you want organic results.

However, people, in general, have a tendency to get good results in a less amount of time and for that, they tend to take on a darker path of SEO.

Yes, there is a darker path to this field as well and it is quite spooky and can even get you banned by Google!

So, what are these SEO mistakes which you should avoid so that your rankings don’t get affected?

1.  Writing Duplicate Content

Yeah, I think you had it coming already. It is the most fundamental advice which anyone will give you! However simple it may be but it does have a credible impact on your site’s performance.

Writing unique and fresh content is what Google and it’s badass crawlers like. So, if you want to rank higher on Google then it is necessary that you provide your audience with consistently great content.

2. Link Building Through Darker Ways

Yeah, it is also one of the major factors which will be affecting your overall performance.

When it comes to link building, doing it through ethical ways i.e. using white hat SEO techniques will be profitable for you in the long run.

A few examples of it could be overstuffing keywords, paid links, spamming and much more.

3. Don’t Repeat Yourself

What happens when your mom or your friend or maybe your boss keeps on repeating the same stuff over and over again! You don’t like it right?

The thing is no one likes that not even Google. So, if you are repeating yourself and telling the world to not repeat itself the chances are that by repeating your audience will get irritated and as for Google, man it will simply ban you! (No, it will not, I was just kidding but surely your site’s performance will get affected)

So, that was all for now! I know that this post isn’t too long but that is what I had to say and share!

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