Tourist Destinations In New York Which Must Be On Your Travel Bucket List


New York is the kind of place where just about every one of us wants to travel to – at least once in their lifetime, isn’t it?

C’mon I know that you want to! You cannot lie to yourself.

That is the kind of aura of this place. The bustle and the non-stop chaos somewhat feels good and attractive to people. And the bursting skyscrapers add just the right amount of charm to it.

And with this, the city of New York becomes one of the most alluring and famous tourist attractions to visit all around the world. On every turn and twist of this city, you will be finding places, restaurants, libraries, parks and what not which are worth exploring any given moment.

So, let’s learn about some of the most amazing tourist destinations to visit in New York City.

The Historical Statue of Liberty


The Statue of Liberty is one of the most amazing tourist destinations to visit in New York without a doubt.

And did you know that this was a gift to America from France? It was built in the year of 1886 if I am not wrong.

Seen as a symbol of freedom the Statue of Liberty is one of the greatest American icons and at the same time also one of the largest statues present on our planet.

The weight of Statue of Liberty is 4,50,000 pounds.

And the height of this magnificent piece of architecture is around 152 feet.

So, what to do if you really want to appreciate it’s beauty?

The best option would be to take a short boat trip to Liberty Island and then see it up close. Moreover, what is quite cool is the fact that you even get to walk around the base, enter the pedestal.

And if you are having advanced reservations then you might also get a chance to go right up to it’s crown.

Imagine the view from there. It would be simply astounding.

Lush & Green Central Park


The central park, as the name suggests is in the city centre. No doubt, it is counted in one of the most beautiful elements which make New York a beautiful and infectiously vibrant city.

And within the central park, you will be finding many attractions and the best thing about them is that most of them are free.

The Belvedere Castle, Strawberry Fields, the Central Park Zoo are some of the examples of such brilliant tourist attractions and spots in Central Park, New York.

Hypnotising Rockefeller Center


What is quite interesting of a fact is that on almost every New York Trip you would be finding the Rockefeller Center on almost all of the tourist itineraries. It is a huge centre for shopping and entertainment. So, if you ever visit New York City then you should definitely be visiting here.

Glorious Empire State Building


One of the key tourist spots, the Empire State building is a 381-meter-tall amazing wonder of human architecture and construction.

It has got 102 storeys and once upon a time was considered to be the most famous landmark buildings of New York City.

From the two observatories which are atop the Empire State Building, you can see some of the most iconic and wonderful picturesque views of nature. The 86th Floor Observatory is the city’s highest open-air observation deck and is something to take pride in. This place has both a glass-enclosed area which is heated in winter and then cooled in the summer season.

Did you know?

That the 102nd Floor of the Empire state building stands at a height of 1,250 feet. This is just a hell lot of height, isn’t it?

Brilliant Times Square


The Times Square is one of the most brilliant tourist attractions of New York City.

If you want to see some luminous lights and a bunch of dazzling skyscrapers then, perhaps there is no place better than Times Square in New York to visit.

You will notice that his place is awfully crowded which is good to experience from a tourist stand point of view.

Hey Did You Know?

That in the past the name of Times Square was Longacre Square. However, it was changed in the year of 1904 and was then named after the New York Times tower.

So, these were the top 5 tourist destinations in New York to visit. If you are planning a trip to New York City with your loved ones then at least do consider visiting one of these tourist attractions.

You won’t regret it.

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