So This Is How You Can Write A Great Piece Of Content

September 23, 2018

When it comes to writing then, perhaps the most difficult task can be to engage the visitor throughout your post.

I completely agree with the above one-liner.

So, how can we curate content that is worth a read and also helps us in increasing our website traffic in general?

For this, we need to understand that making content isn’t easy, at least, not as easy as it may look.

Yes, to write good stuff you need a few necessary things such as

  • a clear and clutter-free mind
  • the atmosphere mustn’t be too noisy or chaotic
  • research work and a few other things which we are going to discuss in this post

However, it is also to be kept in mind that some people like to write in the morning, some in the night and then there are some who can write any given day and at any given time.


So, how to write a great piece of content in the era when they say that ‘Content Is King’

Research. A Lot of it to Write Good Content.

Any piece of written or even visual content starts with the only and one thing which is research. Yes, my friend, giving a good amount of time to research about the topic which you are thinking about writing is great for a start and warm things up.

For that, and depending on the topic, you may need to spend a good amount of time which can be ranging from a few minutes to even few hours to even reading a few books, to start with your content writing.

And that might take a lot of your time.


Then comes

Choosing the Right Title & Topic


After you have done your research on the topic of your choice, the first and foremost step you need to take is to choose the right title for your post.

Let’s just say you are writing on what mistakes people make while playing football?

So, in this case, writing a title like “Top 10 Mistakes To Avoid While Playing Football” is a better option than “What Kind Of Mistakes People Generally Make When They Are In The Mood Of Playing Football”

Not only the second title is very long but is also quite hazy. I am not saying that the first one is great either. It is just that, it is at least better than the second one.

So, while choosing a title, try and keep it to be as short and precise so that it is able to give a crisp overview of the post to the visitors and what are they going to get from it.

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Make a Draft: Curating the Body of the Post


Then, after the research part comes the point when you actually sit and integrate your researched work and thoughts onto paper or doc file.

This can be a kind of a painful thing because you exactly don’t know what you are painting here.

In this process, you have a basic map of the story and that is enough. You don’t need to go in in-depth details of the piece of content you are writing.

So, just stick with it; and form the rest of the body of your post slowly and steadily.

Self-Edit. An Important Tool for Writing a Great Piece of Content


After you have made a clear-cut draft and checked it for spelling errors and grammatical errors, then, in my opinion, you need to take a break.

Yes, my friend, it is time to relax a little bit. Do whatever you like, eat a cake, drink tea or coffee or just chat a few minutes out with your friend or something like that.

It will help you in hitting the refresh button of your mind.

And that is quite important.

After a few minutes go back to it again. Check the topic. Check everything from A-Z and see what all other things you can add-up or do a minus to your post.

Always remember that the flow of the topic is very necessary no matter how long or short your content is!

Get Feedback


When you see yourself being satisfied with your work then comes the time to get constructive feedback for it.

And for that, you would require a genuine person or a friend who is eager to help you in this process.

Because when another person reads your content, they come in a position to make a comment on it which is all you need before finally publishing it.

Listen to them and see if they are making a valid point. If you agree then you can take the necessary steps to make improvements.

If not, then there is always room for a healthy discussion.

Publishing Your Content


After you have revised your content, taken the necessary feedback, then what remains is to publish it.

And while doing so, try and make your content as visually likeable as possible from your own creative perspective.

To do that, you can insert quality images and videos in it.

That would help you make it interesting. Hope you would have liked my short post on creating good content.

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