What All Powers True Yogis Have But Don’t Show Off

October 13, 2018

This is a subject which time and again has excited curiosities of just about any number of people across the world.

So, who are the Siddha and what all supernatural powers they have?

Is it true that saints or mystics do have some kind of supernatural powers? Can they live forever?

If yes, then what kind of powers do they have?

Can they fly? Or maybe can they heal themselves?

Are they immortal?

And what we have read in our religious books about the spiritual powers which many yogis are depicted to have. Is that all true or just a fantasy made for entertainment purposes?

The true answer to that would be that it all boils down to one’s own belief system.

Isn’t it so?

For some people things like tantra and mantra, mysticism is kind of a real deal but for some, it just isn’t!

Anyhow before we proceed further we should know that behind all this science is the work of a man who started this revolution.

The Adiyogi.

In our folklore and books, he is referred to as the first yogi ever who lived thousands of years ago and about whose birth and death there is no concrete evidence.

Some believe that he was a “Yaksha” who came from another planet or perhaps another dimension on our planet and he was the one who trained the famous group of seven mystics who are popularly referred to as the “Saptrishis” who then, further propagated his knowledge all across the globe in all the seven directions.

And after that many great mystics, Sufis, saints or spiritual beings who came on this Earth are the results of that revolution which was brought upon the planet by the first ever Yogi -The Adiyogi.

And in the light of many popular spiritual books such as “The Autobiography of a Yogi” we came to know about yogis such as Mahavtar Babaji who is believed to be living in our age, in the present times.

And he is more or less 5,000 years old.

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So, if all this is true then what are all the powers which yogis have but don’t show off?

1. It is believed that they know who they were in their previous lives.


2. You can find many examples of such mystics on the internet where they neither have eaten or drunk anything from years yet they are in quite good health.

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3. Many yogis have the ability to control matter with which they can create anything they want but they don’t so as not to entrap themselves in the quilt of what we call Maya or materialism.


4. One such example of a yogi would be Mahavtar Babaji who is believed to be living among us since a couple of thousands of years now.


5. It is believed that yogis attain certain siddhis in their journey of attainment but and one of which is to fly and even walk on water.


6. It is believed that they can have extraordinary amounts of strength when it comes to health and wellness.


7. They also possess amazing psychic abilities and can tap into dimensions which a normal person can’t even touch.


8. It is believed that yogis can have out of body experiences in which they can travel to other planets and solar systems. Imagine if we could do that.



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