What Is The Meaning Of Life? I Don’t Think Anyone Can Answer This!

Let's understand what is the meaning of life and how we can live in harmony and find the right balance to live a life of contentment and peace

Let me start by asking this – how does it feel when a giant deluge of emotional shit comes all over you and you can’t do shit about it?

If this feeling can be described in words then I have got just the perfect word for it – powerlessness. 

Isn’t it? That is how you feel. At least, I do that way. 

All I can say and think is that Life is indeed a bunch of complex emotions and mental states. And sometimes…umm…okay…most of the times, I don’t understand many things happening around. I don’t understand life. I don’t understand human thoughts and human emotions. 

This personally brings me to another question. (One question triggers another and the next one triggers another and there is just too much dearth of clear answers)

Can we understand life in all its immensity?

I don’t know but, if are to understand life, then we must also know who created life?

I mean from where did all of the life spring from?

Because we are living on a planet which in turn is circling around a giant ball of hot gas in this immense void. In this sort of black vastness or we can say nothingness. 

When I think about this mad stuff, then I really have a hard time figuring out how all of this could have come from nothing. I am sure that you can relate with me on this. 

I mean what is the source of all life in the universe? 

Why were we, along with other living beings given their respective bodies? What are we to do with them?

And I seriously hope that it doesn’t literally turn out that we all are just hanging in this space without any reason. 

I mean c’mon, there must be something to it. To be honest, I follow Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev and a few other mystics like Paramhansa Yogananda, and Om Swami. Reading and listening to them helps me find some sense of clarity and a good perspective on life. 

Here is what Sadhguru had to say when asked about the purpose of life. And I quote –

“If you were very blissful and ecstatic at this moment, would you think, What is the purpose of life? – No. Only when in some way, life has become burdensome, these questions arise: “To be or not to be?” “Is there a good enough purpose for me to exist?”

And I totally agree on this one. He also said that  “You don’t have to do anything. Just being alive is grand enough.”

If this is true that by just being alive we can feel enough then most of the humans are missing out on something really major! 

Yes, because all our lives we chase money and comforts and here is this one man who is saying that just being alive is enough in itself. 

If you want then here is the link to the article. Go through it and see if it makes any difference of opinion in your thinking. 

However, even if we cannot find the meaning of life then at least, in my opinion, we must know, how to live a meaningful life?

How to live a meaningful life?

Today, what I am able to see and make of it is this – Everything is a crisis for people!

Yes, right from their schooling to finding jobs and creating a life of material success everything is an uphill task. Don’t you think it is true? 

So, amid all this shit, how do we make sure that we are living a good life and feel content in whatever we have?

To be honest, for this the only way to do is tone down your ambition. 

Yes, I know that it is completely opposite to what people usually say. 


By this, I mean to first learn and practise living with less. Because the truth is you cannot ensure that you will make it big. No one can. If they say that they can, then, surely, they have some magical powers working for and behind them. 

Otherwise, all you can ensure for yourself is that yes, I would be able to make a living and put food to the table for my family and contribute my bit in their overall well-being. 

Not everyone can be a Steve Jobs or a Mark Zuckerberg. 

Does this mean you shouldn’t aim for the stars so that you might just land upon the moon?

Now, this is the most difficult part to answer as well as practice in life – To strike a balance. Yes, not many people are capable of toning down their ambition and yet continue with all their heart to make it big.

I know, perhaps I was not able to make the above statement in the clearest way possible. 

I am just trying to repeat what Lord Krishna had said a millennia ago in the epic Mahabharata. To give your best and yet not expect the results. 

This is perhaps the most difficult thing to execute for a human being. 

So, anyhow, what’s the answer to living a meaningful life and live with a clear purpose? 

Here is a list of activities that I have personally found will help you find your answer and help your own little universe in moving forward.

  • Meditate
  • Be mindful
  • Watch your breath
  • Do chanting
  • Listen to Kirtans or Bhajans
  • Eat mindfully
  • Control your words
  • Contemplate
  • Read a lot of good books; see where other people like you have reached in finding their answer to the same question that you are seeking too, although, in bits and pieces. 

Other than all this, there are many other things (which I haven’t mentioned) as well which people do to live a good life, if not a meaningful one like doing yoga and all that kind of stuff. 

Conclusion: At the end of the day, I still don’t know what is the meaning of life and why all this was created? But if you have something to add on then please do comment and share this with the like-minded people. And also do reach out to me at incessanthoughts@gmail.com if you have got the answer to this million-dollar question. 🙂


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